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Plano Texas Overview and Crime Statistics 

The city of Plano is located in the state of Texas in the USA. It is situated 20 miles of downtown Dallas towards the North. A small portion of Plano city extends to the Denton County. Along with the Native Americans, Plano is one city with a high density of Chinese Americans as well.

There are plenty of tourist attractions in Plano city in Texas. There’s the eccentric realm of being Crayola. It is a 60,000 sq. ft. space wherein there are 22 active attractions that the tourists can get their hands on. Then there’s Legacy West which is a 255 acre alfresco that has a plethora of dining and drinking stations, shops and other sightseeing spots. The Legacy West also hosts plenty of luxury hotels like the Renaissance Dallas. It has been credited to be one of USA’s largest and exclusive food stops which are famous for serving the best dishes that the country has to offer.

Plano also is home to the Texas pool which has been constructed in the shape of the estate of Texas. It has a capacity of salt water of 168,000 gallons. The city also has a natural beauty to its credit with oak point parks with activities like Go Ape and Canoeing. Then there’s a farm dedicated to giving its visitors a vivid expression into the historical experience of the 19th Century in Plano. This place is the Heritage Farmstead which offers a tour of museums, farms and original historic buildings.

Plano Public Records
Plano is known for its flat plains but it is abode to several parks that host a variety of trees and farms. Two such preserves are Oak Point park nature and preserve and Arbor Hills nature and preserve. The district also has a number of schools and colleges making it educationally sound.

Plano Texas Crime Rate Statistics

Although Plano, Texas has been considered to be one of the healthiest places in the USA to live in, it is not all that safe. The crime rate in Plano is not at the highest end of the spectrum, however, is not safe either. Its crime ratio index shows that it is 33%safer than other cities in the USA. The total numbers of crimes that take place in the city are numbered to around 5,878 making an average of 20.55 crimes per 1000 residents. Although a high number it still does not beat the citywide crime record of Texas at 4.34 whereas Plano is at only 1.39.

Plano Texas Arrest records

Although a mediocre level of crime rate subsists in the city, the arrest record is not efficient either. Out of violent crimes that take place in Plano only 5 murders, 77 rapes, 109 robberies, and 208 assaults have been reported. Out of property crimes that take place in the city only 903 burglaries, 4,181 thefts, and 395 motor vehicle thefts are reported. These numbers, although, are not excellent as compared to the level of crimes that take place, but it’s a work in progress.

Plano Court Records
Plano Texas Population

According to the 2010 census, the population of Plano, Texas was at 259,841. The city is credited to the 69th most populated city in the entire USA and 9th most populated city in Texas. Plano is home to Native Americans but at the same time hosts several Chinese American residents. Plano along with Houston is one of the few cities that have a dense ratio of Chinese Americans.

Plano Texas Minimum Wage

The minimum wage criterion in Plano is not centrally applicable but what has been devised at the state level. However, the minimum wage standard is $7.2 per hour which is equivalent to the federal standard of the minimum wage. It is applicable to all employees’ only exceptions being student workers and tipped employees among others.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!