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Poughkeepsie New York Overview, Population information, Arrest Statistics and History

Poughkeepsie is a quaint little town in New York - United States. This town was established in 1788 as a part of a general organization of towns. The name Poughkeepsie has been derived from the tribe's name for the location which essentially means “the lodge by reed and located by the little-water place.”

Poughkeepsie New York Overview

Poughkeepsie borders the beautiful Hudson River. It is located in the heart of the Dutchess County. This town is supposed to be one of the ideal places to live and work in. It also hosts enough places to interest to plan a visit once in a while. The Poughkeepsie town is bordered by the Poughkeepsie city. The Poughkeepsie town has a variety of thriving restaurants offering different types of cuisines. There are also multiple business and cultural attractions to keep one busy. 

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The town is home to a couple of historic sites. Vassar College which is one of the nation’s renowned art colleges is located in Poughkeepsie. It also hosts the Vassar's Lehman Loeb Art Center which is the oldest college art museum in the whole of USA. The museum showcases more than 18000 pieces of art, and the public has free entry. Poughkeepsie also has a variety of other schools and colleges, renowned for providing quality education.

The town is close to New York City, and you can easily travel to and fro using the Metro rail. The Dutchess County Public Transit also operates bus transit service for ease of commute. The city is also home to the oldest constantly working entertainment site in the state, the Bardavon 1869 Opera House.

Poughkeepsie New York Weather

In Poughkeepsie, the summers are wet and warm. It starts from the end of May and continues to mid-September. It is partly cloudy throughout the year. The average daily temperature during summer is around 74°F. The winters are really cold and last from December to March. It rains almost all year round in Poughkeepsie. The best time of year to visit Poughkeepsie as a tourist is from mid-June to mid-September.

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Poughkeepsie New York Population

Poughkeepsie hosts close to 32,000 people. The population density is 5,931 per sq mi. The median age of people in Poughkeepsie is 38. Majority of the population is White followed by a large number belonging to the Hispanic race. There are also people belonging to the Black, Asian and a few other mixed races settled in Poughkeepsie. A large chunk of the population speaks English. Almost 15% of the population speaks Spanish. While the population is diverse, the majority of them are still quite intolerant of other minority groups.

Poughkeepsie New York Crime Rate

Poughkeepsie does not have a very favorable reputation from outsiders. In fact, in 2013, it had featured at number 18 in Forbes list of 20 Most Miserable Cities. The total number of reported incidents in 2018 has been around 833 of which violent crimes stood at 234 and property crimes stood at 599.  Among violent crimes, assault and robbery were the majority, and in property crimes, theft and burglary were found to comprise almost 90% of the crimes reported. It's not too safe for women and raising a family here is not recommended.

Poughkeepsie New York Employment

The per capita income in Poughkeepsie is around $24,830. The median household income is around $39,067, and the unemployment rate is around 9%. The minimum wage per hour is around $10.50. It is predicted that by the end of 2018, the minimum wage will be hiked to $15 an hour in New York City for large businesses and one year later for small setups employing 10 or fewer people.

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 23, 2019
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