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What Is The Main Purpose of The Court System?

The government of a country establishes a court to resolve disputes by following a legal procedure. Generally, people come to the court to get the right judgment or to settle their disputes in a legal way. When a person is convicted for any kind of illegal activity, the court also decides what type of punishment will be given to that person who has committed a crime. The court also delivers a peaceful judgment when the people are failed to settle up their private disputes.

Reasons for the Existence of The Court System

The court plays an important role within a country. There are several reasons for the existence of the court system and some of these reasons are as follows.

  • The court helps people to get protection under the law so that they can enjoy their constitutional rights.
  • People depend on the court for fair judgment as all of their cases are heard by the juries and/or neutral judges when their cases are presented in the civil court as well as criminal court.
  • A forum offered by the court settles up disputes, examines or judges and also enforces the laws within a rational and fair manner.
What Is The Main Purpose of The Court System
  • People get an impartial judgment by the court and the judges can deliver their judgments according to the law independently. The judges are not depended on the desire of the state or public opinion, but they have to consider human rights according to the constitution of the country.
  • The court always takes final decisions on the basis of the law regarding the matter and the evidence which has been proved. The court doesn’t consider any kind of intuition, prejudice or partiality.
  • The major reason for the court existence is to do justice, to strengthen social law and order, to ensure liberty of the people, to control the rule according to the law, to settle up disputes among the people, to offer protection equally to all the citizens within the country without considering background and to confirm the due procedure of the law.

Court System
Importance of The Courts within The Society

The court is an important part of the judiciary system of the government. It has been constructed for hearing all types of cases including the cases which are highly sensitive and also a minor offense. Generally, the courts are classified by following several structures of the judicial system and each specific part is considered for the specific type of cases. If any person is not satisfied with the judgment by the specific level of court, he or she can appeal or move to the higher level of the court to get the right judgment. The Supreme Court is always considered as the highest level of the court system. The court performs some essential role within the society and some of these are as follows.

  • Provide protection for constitutional rights: Some people in society perform activities which violate the constitutional rights of the other people. Then, the court takes legal action against them. They are convicted and get punishment according to the law.
  • Serve for hearing dispute: When the two parties within the society get conflicted regarding any issue, they appear in the court to get solution for their disputes. Then court hearing is very important as a part of the legal procedure, where the two parties involved in confliction, place their case to get fail judgment according to the law.
  • Justify the law: Judges in the court always follow the law when they provide their judgment for a convicted person. They always justify the law with crime or offense performed by the convicted person and then they declare the punishment for the convicted person.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!