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Rhode Island Public Records

The FOIA law in Rhode Island (Rhode Island Access to Public Records Act (APRA) requires all branches of the government to give access to records pertaining to the state. According to the Secretary of State, public records include:

  • General Records Schedules cover the types of records created or received by all state and local government agencies.
  • Agency Specific Schedules govern the retention and disposition of records unique to a particular state agency’s programs and functions.
  • Municipal Records Schedules cover local government agencies.

Vital records (birth records, death records, adoption records) are maintained and issued by the State of Rhode Island Department of Health. The Department of Health also issues marriage records. Divorce records are available at the Judicial Records Center, and they are issued after filling out and filing a request form.

Criminal records can also be issued at the state of Rhode Island, and Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) . Such records are available on the Rhode Island Judiciary Public online Portal, and at the BCI site.

Rhode Island public records

Rhode Island - Laws and Vital Information

The latest constitution of Rhode Island was ratified On January 20, 1987, after voters requested to hold a referendum and replace the previous constitution. The resulting Constitution of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations describes the function and structure of the state’s government.

Rhode Island was the second state to abolish capital punishment and, is one if 19 states to cut out execution from the justice system. It was also one of the first states to legalize marijuana, and allow civil unions between same sex couples.  

Fees for Public Records in Rhode Island

Vital records and marriage records can be ordered via the Rhode Island Department of Health, and the fees are as follows:

Online or by Phone - $35 per record; There is an additional fee for rush orders.

In person - $22 for the first copy, $18 for each extra copy purchased the same day

By Mail - $25 for first copy; $18 for each extra copy purchased the same day

The cost for a criminal record, or a background check at the CBI is $5.00.

What are Free Background Checks and How Do They Work

Getting access to vital records and other records in Rhode Island is also available to you with free background check sites. If you want to avoid paying for searches, you can use sites that do not charge fees for services, but it is important to be aware of the fact that these kinds of websites do not provide full public records records.

The lack of access derives from the fact that free background check sites lack the finances necessary to access public records. As a result, you have very limited access to records in Rhode Island, so you cannot get all the information you desire.

Also, free sites do not provide customer support services to help users get answers to questions they may have. These kinds of sites are unsecure, so you run the risk of having your personal information hacked by other people.

There is also a second kind of free background check sites that have access to all public records, but they require users to pay for the services they provide. “Free” background check sites give users basic details about the people they are searching for, and require payment for any additional information.

Rhode Island people search

Finding Public Records by Running a Background Check with a Legitimate Service

Full access to public records (criminal records, vital records, arrest records, mugshots, sexual offenses, contact information, etc.) can only be granted by professional background check sites, like GoLookUp.

With GoLookUp you can search for information about any resident in the United States, and find out the truth about their past. If you need to search for information about a number of people, you can do so thanks to the unlimited searches available to you on GoLookUp.

Any problems with the services provided by GoLookUp can be easily solved with the site’s customer support service that works all days and all nights of the week. The Rhode Island public records results are provided in a full report in a matter of minutes, so you can get a background check quickly and easily without filing a single request form.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 19, 2021
Sensitive Information!