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Rock Island Illinois Overview and Crime Rate Statistics

A medium-sized city, Rock Island is located in Illinois and has an approximate population of 38,110 residents. It is Illinois’ 46th largest community and has 12 constituent neighborhoods.

Rock Island Illinois City overview

The local economy of Rock Island is not predominated by white-collar or blue-collar jobs. Rather it has a mixed workforce of white-collar and blue-collar occupations. Rock Island is a city comprising of professions such as service providers, professionals, and office & sales workers.

One will come across many such residents in Rock Island who are engaged in occupations such as teaching (6.96 percent), office & admin support (14.46 percent), and sales jobs (9.38 percent). It is also interesting to note that more people in the city work in math and computers as compared to 95 percent of the other locations in the United States.

Many refer to Rock Island as a college town as many students stay in the city while studying in the area colleges. As the percentage of people residing in Rock Island who are attending college is high, the city offers an array of services, opportunities, and amenities to cater to the requirements of the students.

Rock Island Public Records
In 2010, the city’s per capita income was 23,806 USD. That makes it a city with middle-income residents concerning the country and Illinois. At the same time, the city comprises of wealthy, as well as, poor residents.

Rock Island’s citizens are marginally better educated in comparison to the country average of approximately 21.84 percent of the adult population in Rock Island holding a bachelor’s or an advanced degree.

The city uses English as the most commonly used language for communication. African and Spanish languages are the two other major languages used in Rock Island for communication.

Rock Island Illinois Crime statistics

The city is safer in comparison to 16 percent of the other cities in America. It means that Rock Island’s rate of crime is higher in comparison to the country mean for all American communities irrespective of their sizes. However, with 31 crimes per 1,000 inhabitants, the city does not feature among the cities with the most severe crime rate in the country.

An individual’s chance of suffering from property or violent crime in this city is one in 32. According to FBI crime data, the city is not considered as a very safe community in the United States of America. As far as within the state of Illinois is concerned, the city’s rate of crime is greater than 88 percent of the towns and cities of the state belonging to different sizes.

Rock Island Court Records
An individual’s chance of suffering from a violent crime in this city like murder, rape, aggravated assault, and armed robbery is one in 287. It is equivalent to a crime rate of three per 1,000 residents.  

The analysis of NeighborhoodScout also highlights that the property crime rate is 28 per 1,000 residents. It makes the city a place with an above average possibility of suffering from a property crime in comparison to all other American communities of varying population sizes.

Instances of property cries included for this analysis are burglary, larceny, arson, and vehicle theft. A person’s possibility of falling prey to any kind of crime in this city is 1 in 36.

Another crime analysis for Rock Island reveals that its rate of crime is higher by 28 percent as compared to the average for the state of Illinois and 14 percent higher than the average for the country. Rock Island’s violent crime rate is 20 percent less than the average of Rock Island and 9 percent lower than that of the country. The property crime rate of the city is 38 percent higher in comparison to the average of the state and 18 percent higher against the average of America.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 1, 2021
Sensitive Information!