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Round Rock Texas Crime Rate Statistics, Arrest Records, and Related Information

The city of Round Rock is located in Austin Texas and is best known for the variety of extraordinary sites, and the wide range of outdoor activities organized. In the 2010 census, the population amounted to over 99887 and counting. It is growing strong, as settlers have been moving to this wonderful locale because of its great landscape and the people who are a friendly lot and very home driven.

One of the predominant forms of livelihood has been cattle rearing and cattle driving history. The other form of outdoor sports privy to this locale in the US is the Old Settlers Park that has an inclusion of baseball fields, lake with ample fish and a golf course. Most people from Austin's head across to Round Rock primarily because Dell shifted their headquarters to this most picturesque town. Climatic conditions are varied but in general Round Rock sports a subtropical climate.

Round Rock Public Records
Round Rock Texas Education, Crime and Relative Information

The earning potential of the people in Round Rock does not necessarily factor blue-collar jobs or even white collar employment. There is a mixed range. Most people work in administrative jobs – 13.35%, the senior managerial positions account for about 13.12%, sales at 11.27% most people are tech-savvy and very math oriented. The average of the number of crimes that are committed in this region is much higher than the average statistics projected in the national scenario.

The calculations account for about 23 crimes per one thousand residents. Being a victim of a violent crime accounts to about one in 43 which is rather scary. One can state with finality taking into account the projections provided by law enforcement that Round Rock is not a safe community. The crime rate is considered about 67% higher than all the cities and towns in the United States of America.

Violent crime rates are at an average of one per thousand and are similar to the rest of the cities in the country. The list that falls into this category is armed robbery, rape, aggravated assault, murder, manslaughter and so on and so forth. As per the stats provided one can become a victim of any of these crimes where the calculations account for one in 699. The property crime rate is at about 22 per thousand which is rather concerning. In addition to this larceny, arson, motor vehicle theft, burglaries are also some of the most of the crimes committed. The arrest records are based on the conviction rates and registered details by the police department.

Round Rock Court Records
Round Rock Texas Minimum Wage

Most people in Round Rock are happy to use public transport, which makes this region a good place to settle down, because of limited levels of air pollutants. Most people in Round Rock are well rounded educationally where the per capita income is at an average of 35,000 per family.

The average as calculated amounts to above $121,404 for a four-member family. Most people are Caucasian, but there is a mixed culture as well. The medium of communication is English, along with Spanish and Indian languages. The Hispanic population accounts for about 30.54% with Irish, French, Indian, and Italian settlers.

The city of Round Rock is home to a mixed bag of people; communities are interactive. The average real estate appreciation rates are not as high from a seller’s point of view. However, for a buyer, Round Rock is a great place to lay down your roots and make a wise investment. It does have its drawback because of the crime rate, but given the fact that crimes are growing alarmingly in every part of the world, it is best to be on the alert. 

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 4, 2021
Sensitive Information!