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San Angelo Texas Crime Rate Statistics, Arrest Records, and Related Information

The city of San Angelo located in the Concho Valley is situated between the Permian Basin in the northwest, the Osage Plains in the northeast, central Texas to the southeast and the Chihuahuan Desert in the southwest. As per the census detailed in 2014 the population accounted to about 100,450 and growing strong with a mixed-race of 83% Caucasian, 5.4% African American, and 1.7% Asian, Hispanics 38.5%, and Indigenous Americans 1.4%, .2% of Pacific Islanders. Other races constitute about 2.6% and growing.

Based on statistics 27.6% of children under the age of 18 reside at home. 36.6% of people living in the region are not families; the single female household constitutes of 14.2%, 44.2% are married people, the seniors constitute about 11.2% over the age of 65 living alone. To put it in perspective the median age is approximately 32.8 years with 48.7% male and 51% female, which says a lot about the longevity of the female gender.

San Angelo Public Records
San Angelo Texas Crime Rate

As of 2017 the property crime rates and larceny has increased based on the crime stats by law enforcement. Violent crimes have also been quite a common factor in San Angelo. For a city that has a projectile population of around 101,870 the violent crime rate is at 371, rape at 58, murder 6, robbery 54, larceny or theft, 3839, motor vehicle theft 277, property crime at 4991, burglary 875, and the list keeps growing.

The non-reported finding as per the crime index does not include online crimes like hacking, phishing, grand theft, and other related internet crimes. Drug busts have also increased based on the population growth spurt with habitual offenders doing what they do best. Shopliftings, stealing of potted plants even, felonies and narcotics busts have been on the up and up which has doubled through the years. Statistics of arrests made are provided based on the details provided by the law enforcement channels. Unfortunately, there are quite some registered sex offenders residing in the region.

San Angelo Court Records

San Angelo Texas Income and Wage Index

The minimum wage in the state of Texas is at an average of $7.5 per hour for an average worker. Employees that rely on tips based on their earnings need not fear, as the state does not endorse a cut in the wages of employees, permanent or temporary. The tax base of the people in this small city is not as high as the rest of the county. The suburban town of San Angelo is ideal for families, but there are limited entertainment options for kids.

The average median household income based on stats of 2016 is at about $46,619 and the per capita income at 26,725. Value of homes or condominiums is at about $135,500, which has catapulted from the index in the year 2000, an amazing increase for the average individual and family.

The general occupations are construction and extraction occupations – at 13%, administrative occupations at 7%, production occupations at 11%, management occupations at 10% and so on and so forth. Food preparation is at 7% while maintenance and cleaning are at 6%.

Arrest Records San Angelo Texas
San Angelo Texas General Details

Related information like tornado activity, earthquake activity is above the Texas state average. Natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, fires, wind, and storms are quite a common occurrence in San Angelo. Evangelical Protestants account for 39,916 people, Catholic at 16,000, mainline Protestants 7675, Orthodox 77, other 1957, African American Protestants 848 and people who are not religious at 43,751, which says a lot about the general tonality of the people. Even though the crime rate is growing rather fast, as is the case across the board, people belonging to this small town, follow a fellowship program that is neighbor-friendly. 

How to Search for Arrest Records San Angelo Texas?

If you need to search for arrest records San Angelo Texas, you can perform an online query instead of contacting all the public records authorities in the city. Instead, you can use an online public records search directory, like GoLookUp, to perform the arrest records San Angelo Texas search.

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 San Angelo TX Public Records

San Angelo TX Public Records

If you need access to San Angelo TX public records, you can use an online public records' search directory, like the one available to you on GoLookUp. The directory on the site has access to public records from all over the country, including San Angelo TX public records. To perform the search, you need to provide the first name and the last name of the person that you want to inquire about.

Then, GoLookUp will scan San Angelo TX public records, and provide you with information about the person that you are searching. Among other things, the San Angelo TX public records search on the website will provide you with arrest records, criminal records, mugshots, contact information, true legal name, aliases, convictions, and additional public records data about the person in question. The data in the search is provided to you within minutes, so you can access San Angelo TX public records in no time at all whenever you desire without having to wait to get the information in such records.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 17, 2022
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