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San Luis Obispo California: Crimes Statistics, Arrest and Population Information

A medium-sized city, San Luis Obispo lies along the coast and is situated in the American state of California. It is the state’s 188th largest community and has a population size of 47, 536.

San Luis Obispo California City Overview:

The costs of housing in San Luis Obispo are considered as some of the nation’s highest but the prices of the real estate here do not feature among the costliest real estate prices in California’s most expensive communities.

You will find that San Luis Obispo is predominantly a white-collar city as a whopping 89.51 percent of its workforce is engaged in white-collar positions, which is above the average of the United States. In all, it is a city dominated service providers, office workers, sale workers, and professionals. Especially, there are so many residents of the San Luis Obispo city who are engaged in food services (11.28 percent), administrative & office support (11.35 percent), and sales jobs.

San Luis Obispo Public Records

Also, it is interesting to find that the city boasts more inhabitants staying here who are engaged in work related to math and computers, which is more than 95 percent of the other places in America.

It is also relevant to point out in this context that it is a city, which has a number of artists. There are more people in media, designers, and artists in San Luis Obispo then 90 percent of the other American communities.

Being a nautical city San Luis Obispo has also had a historical background attached to it. As such, it attracts locals and visitors who come here to enjoy different kinds of waterfront activities and scenery.

San Luis Obispo California Crime Statistics:

San Luis Obispo has a crime index of 5 that signifies that it is not a very safe city to leave and is safer than just 5 percent of the other cities in the United States of America. The city has a severe crime rate of fifty-two per 1,000 inhabitants. San Luis Obispo is also notorious for having one of the country’s top crime rates when compared to all other communities of varying sizes – ranging from the largest cities to the smallest towns. A person’s chance of succumbing to a property or violent crime in San Luis Obispo is 1 in 19. In the state of California, the city’s rate of crime is more than 96 percent of its other communities.

According to NeighbrohoodScout’s analysis, San Luis Obispo, with its population of 47,536 has a combined property and violent crime rate, which is much higher when compared to places having a similar population size. Irrespective of whether the city fares poorly or well in comparison to all other American towns and cities of a varying population, its crime rate is bad. In fact, there are very few other communities with a similar size in the United States that have such a high crime rate as San Luis Obispo.

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The analysis also illuminated that San Luis Obispo violent crime rate risk is very high in the United States of America cutting across communities of different kinds of population sizes.  The possibility of a person succumbing to any incident of violent crime in this city like aggravated assault, armed robbery, murder, or rape is one in 196. Now, that can be equated as five per 1,000 residents in San Luis Obispo.

Plus, it was also discovered by NeighborhoodScout that there are several incidents of property crime in San Luis Obispo. The analysis tracked different types of property crimes such as arson, vehicle theft, larceny, and burglary. Your risk of succumbing to any type of property crime listed above in San Luis Obispo is 1 in 21. It is equivalent to forty-seven per 1,000 residents.

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 23, 2019
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