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Schenectady New York Overview and Crime Statistics

Schenectady is a city in Schenectady County located in New York - United States. It is the county seat.  Schenectady developed on the southern side of the Mohawk River. It was founded by Dutch colonists in the 17th century.

  • Schenectady New York Overview

The city derives its name “Schenectady" from a word in the Mohawk language – “skahnéhtati” which means “beyond the pines.” The city is connected to the west via the Erie Canal and the Mohawk River. Schenectady saw a rapid development in the 19th century as it was considered a vital part of the Mohawk Valley manufacturing, transportation, and trade passage.

Schenectady is home to WGY, the United States’ second commercial radio station. General Electric's (GE) administrative set up is also placed in Schenectady, along with a new center for renewable energy. This center gave rise to hundreds of jobs resulting in many people migrating into the city.

Price Chopper Supermarkets has their headquarters in Schenectady. The city also has multiple tourist attractions like the award-winning Central Park Rose Garden, Aquarium, Museums, Proctor's Theater, Nott Memorial, etc. The city boasts of an impressive public transport network which includes trains, buses, bicycles as well as the electric city trolley. The educational system of the city is also decent with a few public and private schools and colleges.

Schenectady Public Records

  • Schenectady New York Weather

In Schenectady, the summers are wet and warm. The summer season lasts from the end of May to mid-September and temperatures can touch as high as 82°F. The winters are extremely cold, and the temperatures can fall as low as 16°F — Winters last from the beginning of December to mid-March. It is partly cloudy for a large chunk of the year. The cloudiness varies as per the seasons. It may rain on and off in all seasons through the majority of the rains occur between April to September. The best time of year to visit Schenectady as a tourist is from mid-June to mid-September.

  • Schenectady New York Population

Schenectady hosts close to 65,000 people. The population density is 6074 per sq mi. The median age of people in Schenectady is close to 36 which is approximately 6% lower than the New York average median age of 38. Majority of the population belongs to the White race followed by a considerable number belonging to the Black or African-American race. There are also people belonging to a few other mixed races settled in Schenectady. A large majority of the population speaks English. About 6% of the population speaks Spanish, and the rest speak a mix of a few other languages.  

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  • Schenectady New York Crime Rate

Schenectady has a high crime rate. This city is not deemed safe for women to live in or to raise a family. The total number of reported incidents in Schenectady in 2018 has been around 2695 of which 595 were violent crimes and property crimes were 2100.  Among violent crimes, assault and robbery were the majority, and in property crimes, theft was almost 80% of the crimes reported. Schenectady has a violent crime rate that is 143% higher than the New York average crime rate, and the property crime rate is 109% higher than the New York average.

  • Schenectady New York Employment

The per capita income in Schenectady is around $21,905 which is about 36% lower than the New York average. The median household income is approximately $41,243 which is around 32% lower than the New York average. The unemployment rate is about 6.2%. The minimum wage per hour is around $10.50 by the minimum wage law of NYC. The poverty level in Schenectady is around 21% which is about 40% higher than the national average.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 1, 2021
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