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South Dakota Public Records

South Dakota, like all other states in the US, has its own version of the national FOIA laws, called the South Dakota Sunshine Law. According to the law, the public in South Dakota has the right to access government records without having to file a statement of purpose.

Vital records are also available to the public, and can be obtained at the South Dakota Vital Records Office in the Department of Health. To gain access to vital records (birth records, death records, marriage records, death records), you must be eligible to view them as determined by the state.

Criminal records can be accessed by the people of South Dakota at the Unified Judicial System (UJS). The criminal records that can be viewed are from 2003 and forward.

South Dakota public records

South Dakota – Laws and Vital Information

The South Dakota constitution is comprised of a preamble and 29 articles. The constitution in the state was enacted in 1889, and is the most important legal document in South Dakota. The executive branch in South Dakota is the governor of the state, who has the power to veto bills passed by the state legislature.

Also, the governor can serve as commander-in-chief of the South Dakota National Guard, to commute criminal sentences or to pardon those convicted of crimes, and to appoint a cabinet.

Fees for Public Records in South Dakota

The fee for vital records in South Dakota are as follows:

  • Certificate - $15.00
  • Vital Chek Fee - $6.50
  • Expedite Fee - $5.00
  • Optional UPS Next Day - $17.50

The fee for a criminal records check is $20.00.

What are Free Background Checks and How Do They Work

The state of South Dakota offers the aforementioned methods to help residents find personal public records. However, there are other ways to look for such records, like free background checks. Sites that offer these kinds of services locate public records based on people's’ names, so they can help you find information based on a few basic details. While a free background check sounds like the best option to search for public records, there are a few issues when using these kinds of sites.

The advantage of a free service is also the biggest problem of websites that do not charge users for fees. The lack of finances makes it impossible for free background check websites to provide their users with security, which means that your personal information becomes exposed to other people. Also, you will not be able to solve issues and problems that you encounter on these kinds of sites because they do not operate a customer support service.

However, the biggest problems is that free background check websites do not have the means to reach and access all the public records in the state of South Dakota. This means that you will not be able to find the information you need regarding another person.

There are also free background check sites that require users to pay for advanced services; at first, you will be able to find public records, but if you need full access to criminal records, arrest records, contact information, etc., you will need to pay for each search and service.

public records South Dakota

Finding Public Records by Running a Background Check with a Legitimate Service

If you need to locate public records and conduct a full background check, you have to use a legitimate website that can provide you with access to all this information. At the price of a single membership, GoLookUp will provide you with unlimited access to South Dakota public records, as well as records all across the United States.

The website provides users with information about people’s past, such as criminal records, contact information, mugshots, arrest records, and much more. All the data is provided to users within minutes, so you can get real-time information without having to wait.

GoLookUp also provides users with security software that protects their personal information, as well as a customer support service that operates around the clock.

The background check reports on GoLookUp can be viewed after you enter a few basic details, such as first and last name, physical address, email address, or phone number. Once you do so, GoLookUp immediately scans all the public records related to the data you provided, and aggregates them into a report that contains all the background information about the person in question.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 19, 2021
Sensitive Information!