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Government Records South Dakota: Where to Obtain Government Records for the State of South Dakota?

Government records offer a whole lot of information to the public, which might be required by different individuals for different reasons. Similar to most states in the USA, South Dakota also holds and makes available records such as court records, criminal records, vital records, inmates’ details, etc., for the public to gain first-hand information about the person they want to know. As per the South Dakota Sunshine Law, all Government records are public records in the state, except for a few that are required to be kept confidential either due to the nature of the record/case or because of the court order.

Even though Government records can be accessed easily, not many know that they are available for reference. Certified copies are also offered however there are some restrictions relating to the same. A certified Government copy is also chargeable. While there are several state agencies that provide these records, in recent times, numerous third- party websites have come up that offer online search service for a fee. These are quick and reliable. Some of the common Government records and how to obtain them are discussed here.

South Dakota Government Records
Prominent Government Records South Dakota: Where to Get them?

Getting Court Records

According to the South Dakota Sunshine Law (the law was passed in the year 1935 and changes were made to the same in 2000), all court records need to be made public in order to promote transparency. The public can anytime seek information on any of the cases that have been concluded. While this enables the people to stay safe from anti-social and dangerous elements in society, it also establishes a sense of accountability on the part of the Government. Records can be accessed by visiting in-person or requested via mail from the address mentioned below:

South Dakota Department of Human Services

500 East Capitol Avenue

Pierre, SD 57501 5070

Obtaining Criminal Records

The Office of the Attorney General in South Dakota maintains criminal records for events that occurred in the state. They are neatly compiled and organized in the Computerized Criminal History system that clearly details arrests, convictions and other matters that had the Police involved. You can either contact the office directly to find the record or choose to go online with a private search firm. You need to know the full name of the person and the city where the event occurred in order to successfully find the record you are looking for.

 Government Records South Dakota
Inmate Records: Where can you find them?

To obtain inmate records in South Dakota, you can get in touch with the county jail or the Sheriff’s office. Information can also be obtained online by visiting the Sheriff’s official website. The South Dakota Department of Corrections offers offender search online service where you will be able to locate and find information on offenders that are serving their sentence and those that have completed their sentence. You will need to provide either the first/last name of the offender or the DOC number to obtain the result.

Vital records: How to obtain?

Vital Records such as birth, death, marriage and divorce records in South Dakota are maintained by the Office of Vital Records. These vital documents are held in a central registry for statistical analysis and easy access. To access vital records and get same day service, you can visit the Vital Records Office; however, you can also place an online order or obtain your record by mail.

Vital Records Office address:

Vital Records

South Dakota Department of Health

207 E Missouri Ave Suite 1A

Pierre, SD 57501

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!