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St. Petersburg Florida: Crimes Statistics, Arrest and Population Information

St. Petersburg is one of the cities in Pinellas County, Florida, United States. It is the second largest city in the Tampa Bay Area and is located on the Pinellas peninsula and lies between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay. It is also connected to the mainland of Florida from the North.

St. Petersburg Florida Overview

In a 2015 census, the population in St Petersburg was estimated to be around 257,083 which makes it the fifth most populated city in Florida. This city was founded in the year 1888 by Mr. John C. Williams who had then bought the land and Peter Demens who got the railroad industry to the area. It was in a coin toss that Peter Demens won the right to name the land after Saint Peterburg in Russia. On the other hand, Williams decided to name the first hotel built there, i.e., Detroit Hotel. Both of these were named after the respective hometowns.

You will find an average of 361 days of sunshine in the year this city holds the Guinness World Record for having the highest number of consecutive days of sunshine. The record stands at 768 days; this has earned the city the nickname “The Sunshine City.” Owing to its sunny weather and lower cost of living this city has been a haven for those seeking a quiet retirement however in recent years the trend has been changing towards a more youthful direction.

St. Petersburg Public Records

Almost 88.53% of the residents here speak English while 4.43% speak Spanish and the rest speak either French, German, Serbo-Croatian, Laotian, or Vietnamese. Some of the largest employers here are Raymond James, John Hopkins All Children's Hospital, Home Shopping Network, etc. There are also a variety of events that take place in this area such as the Dr. Martin Luther Kings Jr. Parade and the annual Firestone Grand Prix of St Petersburg.

Here are a few interesting facts about the cost of living in St Petersburg

  • The cost of living is 1% lower than the average cost in Florida
  • It is 2% lower than the national average
  • The cost of housing in St Petersburg is 11% lower than the national average
  • The general sales tax is 18% higher than the national average
  • The income tax in the state is 100% less than the national average

St. Petersburg Florida Crime Rates

The total number of crime incidents in St Petersburg is around 5,599 per 100k people. These crimes can be differentiated into property crime which amounts to 4,934 per 100k people and violent crimes that are 665 per 100k people in St Peterburg. The overall crime rates here is found to be almost 80% higher than the average crimes committed in Florida while it is also 97% higher than the national average.

Regarding violent crimes, St Petersburg has a crime rate of 55% higher than the average in Florida and 72% higher than the national average. When it comes to property crimes, it ranks 84% higher than other states in Florida and almost 101% higher than the total national average in the United States.

St. Petersburg Court Records

Some of the safest neighborhoods in St Petersburg are

  1. Tierra Verde
  2. 62nd Ave NE/Grant St NE
  3. Leeland St S/61st Ave S
  4. Snell Isle Blvd NE/Brightwaters Blvd NE
  5. St Peterburg Theological Seminary/Duhme Rd
  6. Eckerd College/34th St S
  7. Shore Acres
  8. 66th Ave S/ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr St S
  9. 54th Ave N/Park St N
  10. 18th St N/62nd Ave N

On the whole, although living in St Petersburg is a little bit riskier than other cities in Florida there are a few great neighborhoods to live in, and the cultural scene makes it worthwhile. 

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on November 29, 2021
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