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Tampa Florida: Crimes Statistics, Arrest and Population Information

A big coastal city, Tampa is strategically situated in the American state of Florida. The city has 177 constituent neighborhoods and a population of around 377,165 residents. The city is Florida’s 3rd largest community.

Tampa Florida City overview:

Importantly, Tampa is invariably a city with white-collar jobs, and a whopping 86.05 percent of the city’s workforce is engaged in different white-collar jobs. The figure is much above America’s national average. In all, it is a city predominated by service providers, professionals and office and sales workers. You will find many of the residents in this city who are employed in management jobs (11.16 percent), sales jobs (12.45 percent) and office & admin support.

Additionally, it is interesting to note that the city’s math and computer professionals are more than 95 percent of the other locations in the United States.

Tampa Public Records

As Tampa is regarded as a large city, there are many advantages to living here. Plus, Tampa actually shines as far its use and extensiveness and use of public transit system are concerned. In fact, more than the majority of big cities in America, the residents of Tampa use their public transit regularly to commute to and from their workplaces. Although there are different types of public transit options, many residents of the city ride the bus. While there are some cities where the daily commuters have to get stuck in the traffic in the mornings, as well as, in the evenings, many people in Tampa like to leave their cars at home and prefer taking a bus ride.

As far as their education is concerned, the residents of the city are quite educated in comparison to the nation’s average community. About 35.53 percent of the adult population in the city has an advanced degree or a bachelor’s degree. English is the most widely used language for communication in the city. French and Spanish are two major languages used here.


Tampa Florida Crime statistics:

The city is safer as compared to 22 percent of the other cities in the United States and has a crime index of 22. Tampa’s crime rate is significantly higher as compared to the country’s average for all the American communities from the tiniest to the biggest. However, with twenty-seven crimes per 1,000 inhabitants, Tampa’s name does not get featured among the American communities with the highest rate of crime. Your possibility of becoming a sufferer of a property or a violent crime in the city is one in 37.

On the basis of the crime data reported by FBI, the city is not one of America’s most secured communities. With respect to the state of Florida, the city has a higher rate of time in comparison to 61 percent of the towns and cities of the state of various sizes.

Tampa Court Records

While compared to other American communities with a similar size of the population, it has a significantly lower crime rate than the national average. It indicates that with relatively similar-sized American cities, Tampa is safer as compared to most of them. It was discovered when NeighborhoodScout did a special analysis of the crime data shared by FBI.

The analysis also highlighted that the violent crime rate in Tampa is higher than a majority of American communities of different population sizes. The possibility of an individual to become a sufferer of a violent crime here is one in 196. It is equivalent to five per 1,000 residents.

The same analysis also unfolds that the property crime rate in Tampa is twenty-two per 1,000 residents. The statistic makes the city a place with an above average probability of succumbing to any kind of a property crime with respect to all other American communities of varying population sizes. A person’s risk of becoming a sufferer of any property crime is 1 in 46.

Tampa Police Records Search

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 23, 2019
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