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Tennessee Vital Records: This Is How You Can Find Tennessee Vital Records for Free

Vital Records Office Tennessee is among the very few places in the country where original certificates of birth, death, marriage, and divorces are maintained. Like in all states it is possible to request a copy of these vital records.

To get your vital records from the office you will have to submit either a short form or a long-form. The short cost around eight dollars and in case you want any additional forms you have to pay five dollars for every extra copy you need. For the long forms, you will have to pay 15 dollars and as with the case of short forms, you will have to shell out five dollars for every extra form you request.

In case the vital records you request predates 1949, you might have to use the long-form. This is because many of them might be available in a short form.

Tennessee Vital Records, Vital Records Tennessee

Tennessee Department of Vital Records is located at 421 Fifth Avenue, North Nashville. In case you need to get details regarding the adoption records you will have to approach the “Department of Children’s services” that is located in the Cordell Hull Building in Nashville. However, they would provide you with access to these records only if you have a court order.

Vital Records Tennessee can also be obtained from the State of Tennessee Vital Records office located on James Robertson Parkway. In this building, you have the option of using either the customer service window or the kiosk present there.

In case you have decided to use the customer service window, you must fill the form and provide proper identification documents at the window. Along with these documents, you must also pay the required fee. In case you are eligible to apply for the records, you must get documents that support your claim or have a person who is eligible to submit the request.

In case you have decided to use the kiosk present, the above criteria apply. The kiosk won’t ask for your ID while accepting your request. However, if you do not pass the identity verification process, then you will be expected to give your id proof at the front counter. In case, you are not eligible for the request, you must either provide proof to support your claim or have a person who is eligible to submit the request. Irrespective of which way you choose to submit at the kiosk, the process will cost you an additional four dollars. This money has to paid and it is not refundable.

Tennessee Vital Records Search

Tennessee Center for Health Statistics Vital Records is now a digitalized department. That means your request at any health department office of the local county. So, if you have lost the original copy or you want another copy of the document you can get them at the place you are staying. You no longer have to travel to the county where the birth or death has taken place.

Free Vital Records Tennessee has a policy birth certificates for newborns. The state will take around 45 days to issue the birth certificate. The state will not make any exceptions to this policy. Therefore, it is strongly advised that parents who are planning on going abroad with the newborn must make plans while keeping this policy in mind.

Tennessee Vital Records does allow you to make corrections to your vital records, but these corrections will take time. Sometimes the corrections might take around ten to twelve weeks. That is why the state requests you to be patient. They, however, do assure that the correction will take place and you get a copy of your corrected vital record.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!