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Public Records Including Crime and Arrest Statistics in Texas

Texas stands as the second largest state in the United States, about population and area. Located in the South-Central region, Texas finds itself sharing borders with the states of New Mexico, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana towards the West, North East, North, and East, respectively.

Apart from these states, Texas also shares its borders with the Mexican states of Coahuila, Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, and Chihuahua towards the South West. At its South East Side is the Gulf of Mexico.

The state’s most populous city is Houston, followed by San Antonio. The former is also the 4th largest city in the US, while the latter ranks as the 7th largest in the U.S. Greater Houston and the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan statistical areas are some of the largest in the US. Dallas-Fort Worth stands at 4th place, while Greater Houston makes it to 5th.

Some of the other major cities in the state include Austin and El Paso. The former is the second-most populous state capital in the US. El Paso used to be an independent republic and was even known as “The Lone Star State.”

Texas Public Records

Texas Terrain

The state’s massive size and it’s geologic features like the Balcones Fault have led to the creation of diverse and unique landscapes, especially in the Southern and South-Western Regions. Though the state has often been associated with deserts, the reality is that only 10% of the land area falls under that category.

The state is diverse and made up of grasslands, forests, prairies, and even a coastline. These regions also tend to be the most populous. For instance, when moving from east to west, it is not uncommon to come across piney woods, coastal swamps, hills, and plains.

Texas Crime

When it comes to criminal law, Texas is well known for its harsh penalties for offenses. It is one of the 32 states in America that still permits capital punishment, ever since the Supreme Court allowed it to resume in 1976.

As a result, Texas accounts for the highest percentage of executions in America – around 40% of executions are carried out here. It is also known for having some of the highest incarceration rates in the country.

Texas allows “Stand Your Ground” laws, permitting citizens to use lethal force when defending against criminals who have entered the property.

As for crime rates, Texas currently reports an annual crime rate of 889,989. 768,947 of those crimes are categorized as property (theft and burglary) crimes, while 121,042 are categorized as violent crimes. That brings the violent crime rate to 4.34 per 1000 residents and property crime rate to 27.60 per 1000 residents.

Total crime rate stands at 31.94 per thousand residents. There is a 1 in 230 chance that you may be the victim of a violent crime in Texas.

Texas Court Records

There are 1,478 murders, 13,367 rapes, 33,317 robberies, and 72,880 assaults reported every year in Texas. That brings the murder rate to 0.05 per 1000 people, the rape rate to 0.48 per 1000 people, the robbery rate to 1.20 per 1000 people and the assault rate to 2.62 per 1000 people.

The rates of rapes, robberies, and assaults in Texas are higher than the national rates for the same crimes.

In the case of property crimes, we have 148,740 cases of burglary, 551,151 cases of theft, and 69,056 cases of motor vehicle theft every year. That brings the burglary rate to 5.34 per 1000 people, the theft rate to 19.78 per 1000 people, and the rate of motor vehicle theft to 2.48 per 1000 people.

The current population of Texas is 27,862,596.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!