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Tinley Park Illinois Overview and Crime Rate Statistics

A larger medium-sized city, Tinley Park is situated in the American state of Illinois. It has 10 constituent neighborhoods and is the state’s 22nd largest community. The city has an approximate population of about 56,668 inhabitants.

Tinley Park Illinois City overview

The real estate of Tinley Park is one of the costliest in the state of Illinois. However, the house values in the city do not feature among the costliest real estate in America.

Contrary to some other cities, Tinley Park is not dominated by blue-collar or white-collar jobs. Rather, the city has a mix of both blue-collar and white-collar occupations. In all, it is a city of professionals, manager, and sales & office workers. You will come across many such residents in Tinley Park who are engaged in management occupations (10.05 percent), sales jobs (13.07 percent), and office & admin support (17.04 percent).

It is also interesting to observe that the city has more inhabitants who are engaged in occupations related to math and computers than 95 percent of the other places in America.

Tinley Park Public Records
A drawback of residing in the city is that its residents have to spend a relatively high time in commuting, which is an average of 32.87 minutes daily to reach to their workplaces. At the same time, people in Tinley Park use the public transit system extensively.

The citizens of Tinley Park have a higher educational level as compared to the country’s average for all the cities, which stands a 21.84 percent. About 34.23 percent of the adult population in this city holds a bachelor or an advanced degree.

Tinley Park’s per capita income in 2010 stood at 34,773 USD, which signifies that it is affluent in comparison to both the country and Illinois. The city though has a mix of both poor and wealthy residents.

The citizens of Tinley Park use English as the most common language to communicate with one another. Spanish and Arabic are the other prominent languages used here for communication.


Tinley Park Illinois Crime statistics

Tinley Park has a crime index of 53, which means it is safer in comparison to 53 percent of the cities in the United States of America.

The city has a rate of crime of 13 per one thousand inhabitants, which makes its crime rate close to the mean for all American towns and cities of varying sizes. When the FBI crime data was analyzed, it was found that an individual’s possibility of succumbing to any crime in the city is one in 77. However, the crime rate of Tinley Park is less than about 42 percent of the communities in Illinois.

Tinley Park Court Records
NeighborhodScout discovered that the city’s rate of violent crime is less than the country’s mean for all the communities with varying population sizes. A person’s chance of suffering from an incident related to violent crime in Tinley Park is 1 in 994. It means that its rate of violent crime is one per 1,000 residents.

Plus, the property crime rate of the city is 12 per 1,000 inhabitants. Kinds of property crime taken into consideration for the analysis were arson, grand theft auto, larceny, and burglary.

As far as its annual crime data is concerned, the rate of crime in the city is 47 percent less than the mean of the state. Additionally, its crime rate is 53 percent lower than the national mean. Tinley Park’s violent crime rate is 77 percent less than the average violent crime rate of Illinois and 74 percent less than the average for the country. The property crime rate of the city is 41 percent less than the mean for Illinois and 50 percent less as compared to the national average.

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 20, 2019
Sensitive Information!