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Tombstone Arizona: Crimes Statistics, Arrest and Population Information

Tombstone, Arizona is a city situated in Cochise County, Arizona and was founded in 1879. Back then, it was earlier called Pima County, Arizona Territory. The American census states that there are fewer than 1900-2000 residents in this small but historic city. The city was founded by the prospector Ed Schieffelin and is well-known for its Wild West history. The town grew in terms of the population during the 80s and in those years, Tombstone was a major producer of silver in the state of Arizona. The city is known best for being the site where the famous gunfight at O.K Corral occurred and today heavily relies on tourism for its revenue.

The city enjoys a sunny climate and the great weather attributes to one of the most important attractions in this city. The world's largest rosebush according to the Guinness book of records is at Tombstone and was planted way back in 1885. It still thrives and is the pride of the city. On an average, there are 288 sunny days through the year in Tombstone.

Tombstone Arizona Public Records

Crime Statistics

The crime statistics in Tombstone is, sadly, at an upward incline. Both violent crime and property related crimes increased to 89% and 56% respectively. Violent crimes include aggravated assault, robbery, rape, non-negligent manslaughter, and murder while property crime most often includes arson, vehicle theft, larceny-theft and burglary.

Based on this data, the crime rate at Tombstone in the year 2018  is predicted to be significantly higher than in 2011. Theft is expected to rise from 77 to 171, totaling the crime rate from 113 to 194. Property crime is also increasing from 101 to 182 while violent crime nearly doubled from 17 in 2011 to 34 in 2018.

Tombstone is a Republican city and conservatism is the common way of life here. The city's crime rate is higher than Arizona's average crime rate and is a lot higher than the country's national crime rate.


With criminal violations on the rise with the year 2018, a lot of arrests have been made for violations ranging from burglary, theft, rape, manslaughter, assault and the likes. The county has identified repeat offenders in the neighborhood and taken strict action. With the statistics only climbing higher with the crime rate increasing, it has been estimated that a good average of arrests will be made in 2018. There is an estimate of about 227 per 100k people against a national average of 386 per 100k people; Tombstone has a lot to make up to prove that they are a pleasant and happy neighborhood.


Currently, Tombstone is home to 1510 residents and the median age of the residents is 57 years with 83% people being over 18 years of age, 79% being over 21, 43% being over 62 and 34% being over 65 years of age.

The average household income annually is $32,140. When it comes to affordability, an average house price in the city is  $94,300. Of the entire population in the city, over 77% percent of the homes are rented and a very small percentage of 23% is owned by the residents. The average cost of living in a rented property is  $600.

Unsurprisingly, Tombstone is a white-dominated city with a staggering 83% residents being white. The closest second is the Hispanic residents adding up to about 29%. 0.3% constitutes Asians and the remaining are of miscellaneous other ethnicities.

There is a nearly equal percentage of men to women in Tombstone. The city has 51% men and 49% women to the current day. The city is predominantly English speaking.

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