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What are Unlimited Background Checks? 

To understand what Unlimited Background Checks are, we should first take a look and better understand what a background check is and what makes up a background check report.

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A background check is a way for companies or individuals to verify people they have little knowledge about. This type of process helps approve a person is who he says he is. A background check will allow a thorough check of criminal records, driving records, arrest records, job history, marriage and divorce records, unclaimed money, phone number information, addresses, social account; and other related information about an individual.

Though it seems simple, and it should be: There are several types of background checks in the United States.

Types of Background Checks:

Employment Background Check: This is the process in which an employer will run a background check before hiring someone to come into a conclusion as to whether or not make a hire. In many cases, people tend to lie or not tell the entire truth when it comes to their past. Employers want to know exactly who they hire, as they would like to minimize risk to their workplace. This might even include a drug test, driving record and social security check.

Criminal Background Check: This type of record is the most common background check record as it is part of public records and can be obtained via public record websites. A criminal record might include mugshots, arrest records, booking records, violations, sex crimes, fraud, traffic citations, firearm licenses, and sex offender listings.

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Public Background Check: This type of record aggregates everything that is public and in most cases available online. Public background check websites collect and organize millions of records from a variety of sources such as Facebook, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Email Providers, County Arrest Record websites, Contact information, Address Information, Phone Numbers and other information that is public information. When a person signs up for an app, website and agrees to terms and conditions, in many cases they agree for their information to become public information.

Universal Background Check: This is the type of background check a person has to go through when they purchase firearms. People with criminal records may not purchase firearms. Fugitives, ex-convicts, people with arrest warrants, people standing trial, or anyone with a mental illness of some sort will not be approved to purchase firearms.

Credit Background Check: This is the type of check that is checking the person’s credit to debt amount or ratio in order to determine if a person has managed their financials properly. It is usually run by loan providers and creditors. This is also known as a credit report and is a standard report run by pretty much any financial institution.


Where Does All the Information Come From?

We live in an age where we are supposedly able to find information about any person we desire, whether it's via social media or similar outlets. However, is it true? Can we find out things people from things they write about themselves? The answer is of course "no". Why? Because people can write whatever they desire when posting things about themselves. Some even go as far as to fabricate entire personalities online and deceive people who trust them. So, to get accurate data about people, one must use a reliable source of information, and in the case of unlimited background checks, the source is public records.

Public records are records that hold information about virtually any person in the country; the information is such records is gathered by official authorities in each state, as well as federal authorities, so it is 100% accurate. The authorities in the 50 U.S. states gather impartial information about people in birth records, marriage records, school records, residential records, divorce records, and more. Many of these records become available to the public, so they become public records. By tapping into public records, you can get information about people that is accurate and reliable, and find out who is lying to you and who is honest.

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Can I Run Background Check By Myself?

The answer to this question is Yes, any person can perform a public records check on their own. The process for performing these types of checks is as follows:

  1. Contact the state/local authorities that maintain the public records you need
  2. Pay a search fee and a fee for each copy of the public records (fees vary from between states)
  3. Wait to get copies of the public records (anywhere between several days to several weeks)

An independent search for public records can take up quite a lot of time, and also be costly if the records contain a lot of data. That is why many people choose to perform an online unlimited background check that can provide them with all the information they need in one place. Another advantage of online public records checks is that they mere minutes. Once you enter the details of the person you are searching for into an online directory, it will perform all the searching for you. A Professional background check directory will scan millions of public records in a matter of minutes and provide you with a detailed report of the person you are searching. The data you receive will help you discover who is lying to you about their criminal record, their marital status, their job, education, and even their name.

So what exactly are Unlimited Background Checks?

Unlimited Background Check is the service provided by websites like GoLookUp that allows its users to perform as many public background checks as they wish, once they become members. You will be able to obtain a person’s criminal record history, mugshots, traffic violations, marriage and divorce records, social information, phone number information and much more!

What Does a Background Check Report Look Like? 

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on February 16, 2020
Sensitive Information!