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How to Find Out Someone's Work History in Virginia

State of Virginia - Brief History:

The people of the State of "Virginia", named after England's 'Virgin Queen', "Elizebeth 1", earn their living cultivating Tobacco & if not, then employment wise, a state where most of the people work for the United States Government when compared to the people of other States in the USA.

Work History of a Person in Virginia:

There are numerous ways to find out someone's work history or even a background check if a detailed history sheet of the applicant is asked for depending on his applied position which may include Criminal records, Credit history, Driving license history, etc.. other than his employment history.

In the state of Virginia, the easiest way to find out someone's work history is usually to check with the applicant's former employer as mentioned in his credentials. A detailed reference of the applicant can also be obtained by checking with his immediate superior's.

State Records Virginia
For a more detailed work history depending on the nature of the position employer's nowadays hire the third party for conducting background checks subject to FCRA & state laws applicable in the state of Virginia, for cross-checking the applicants Driving license, Criminal record, Credit history, etc..

To Track a Person's Work History in Virginia:

To get a work history of a person's past & present position employed in the United States Government one has to apply under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) through the Smart Card or the Federal Employee ID Card. The Personnel Identity verification (PIV) Smart card is issued by the Department of Homeland Security to all it's Federal Agency employees & contractor's which contains the employees' personnel data, fingerprints, other details, etc..

To verify a Federal employee's history who till recently who was employed with the agency, you may also check with the agency's HR department. The employment record of any person can also be obtained in the state of Virginia by accessing the applicant's past Tax records or through his Social Security Number (SSN) or by checking with his previous employer's HR department also if none of the above becomes applicable.

Employment Information can also be obtained by applying in writing to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) with your name & SSN, requesting for one's employment record. To verify any person's past tax records means verifying on his payroll taxes being paid to the Government automatically from his Paycheck vide the Tax form of W-2 for an employee & the other being 1099, for an independent contractor, where the Taxes are to pay on a quarterly basis to the Government.

Public Records Virginia
The Definite way to Access a Person's Work History in Virginia:

But the sure-shot way of getting the work history of any person in the State of Virginia is through that person's Social Security Number (SSN). In fact, not just the person's work history comes through but also his Credit report, Criminal & Driving history too. An SSN background check can also be initiated by filing the IRS Form 4056-T, mentioning the SSN, for a small fee, the form available for download from the IRS website.

It is also possible to get previous employment information without using the SSN. In this case, the Quarterly Wage report filed by the applicant's previous employer is accessed by the workforce agency, the information which might be found sufficient, in some cases. Therefore, accessing the SSN is the best way to gain any person's history of prior employment.

A person's employment history can also be sourced by requesting through the Social Security Administration (SSA) website for the said person's social Security Earnings information by filling Form 7050. The SSA will charge you as per the number of years of your work history span, the fee chart included in the form.

Above all information or employment history of an applicant can be obtained by applying to the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The Virginia Freedom of Information Act. gives access to all to view the records of public bodies, Officials & employees.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 2, 2022
Sensitive Information!