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Vital Records are Defined as official government records which include significant life moments and life events.

These records are usually kept with the government and they include in them official birth certificate of an individual, his or her marriage certificates or licenses, and in many cases vital records include death certificates!

In some states, vital records may also have domestic relation certificates and other domestic documents.

As the world is changing about how we perceive ourselves and our domestic relationships with others, so do the records that the governments keep about us. Vital records are important for governments, so they can keep track of their citizens and population.

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When you want to get certain, specific things done, you will need to get access to your vital records. If you want to change your name after your wedding, or if you wish to get your driver license, you will need to access vital records.

Every state varies in the way they archive and save vital records.


Marriage Certificates:

For the most part the Clerk’s office of your city in which you reside will maintain a document of your marriage certificate. In order to get married, you need to get a marriage license. This license requires a signature of the two parties involved, including witnesses that the wedding has actually taken place.

A Non-Impediment certificate is a certificate which is issued when there is a request to use when a foreign country wedding has taken place or about to take place.

Inmates also have the basic right of getting married. They may request to be wed with their prison counselor.

If you intend on getting married, you must obtain a marriage license beforehand.

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Death Certificate

Death certificates are also known as vital records. A death certificate will include the location of the individual’s death, the time of the death, and the cause of the person’s death. These records are kept by governments in order to better understand causes of death in their country or states, and keep records of death causes and population count. Death records are also used by governments in order to better understand diseases, life habits and other traits of people who live in their country or state.

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Divorce Records

Divorce records are considered vital records, like other records mentioned above. Divorce records are required in order to change your name and used in court when there are custody hearings and other custody related issues that may arise from divorce. You should keep a copy of your divorce records.

Divorce decree will include:

Your name, and your ex partner name.

Your marriage location, time and date.

Your divorce location, time and date.

The reason of your divorce. Though this can be generic, there are various types of divorce reasons.

Divorce records also include the number of children you and your partner have, or had.

These records are also used for property settlements, spouse support arrangements and custody agreement between the two partners who were divorced.

Your divorce records are considered public records, but varies, depending on the jurisdiction of your divorce location.

In most cases, you should be provided with divorce records right after the court has sealed and closed your divorce case.

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How Do I obtain Vital Records?

You can obtain Vital Records by using a third party service, or by going to court and requesting your vital records. For the most part, vital records are public records and can be easily accessed online. Records such as marriage certificates and death certificates are ones which might be a little ore difficult to get, and may be limited to family members only.

There has been talks about sealing vital records and making it harder to obtain vital records, however, that plan is still in the works, and it might take years until this happens. People do want more privacy in 2018, though, the government systems move slower due to bureaucracy.

How Long Would it Take to Obtain Vital Records?

Depending on how you approach this, time to obtain your vital records will vary. If you approach you local court, or clerk’s office, you will receive the records on spot. However if you put a request via mail, it can take weeks to months. You can check online for the best way to obtain your vital records. Because there are thousands of requests, it may take longer to obtain your vital records via mail, however, if you do it in person, it will be much quicker!

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 20, 2019
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