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Government RecordsWest Virginia: Where to Obtain Government Records for the State of West Virginia?

Freedom of Information Act was enacted by the United States Government to disclose partial or full information of government records and information to the general public upon request. There are though certain exceptions where classified documents are not available to the public. Here we are concerned about obtaining government records for the state of West Virginia and there are quite a few ways you can do so.

Government records are generally available to every person to inspect or copy when a request is made to the custodian. The request can be written or verbally asserted. The custodian will respond within a given time frame of five days by either approving the request or denying it entirely with the reason stated. A fee might be charged for the copying expenses.

There are some exceptions where the records are not made public, the important ones are:

  • Trade secrets like certain plans, formulas or mechanism which is not patented and is known only to the concerned Individual for commercial purposes and might give their competitor an edge if they get to the information.
  • The information is personal like the medical history, personal history or similar file.
  • Examination questions for employment or admission to university/colleges.
  • Information censored by the State of West Virginia.

West Virginia Government Records
Public Records for West Virginia can also be collected online by visiting the Official Government Website and then creating an online account to register in their database. After creating an account you have to complete the database access form and then email the form to foai@wvsos.gov. When completing the database access form, do fill out the form with relevant and extensive details. Extra fees will be charged for copying, posting, and duplication.

West Virginia Court Records

Court Records are records filed by the court of law. These records can be Criminal proceedings, divorce, marital disputes, civil actions, and more records.

You can check these court records on the West Virginia State Library where an extensive collection of Court proceedings are Archive and accessible.

West Virginia Government Records

Essential happenings in the government and all decisions, acts and legislature introduced and modified by the government are public records and can be accessed by anyone.

Typically, you might not find these records online and one has to request through mail. The steps are already mentioned above but you can also go through the government state records to find whether the record is available or not.

West Virginia Personal Records

Vital records like marriage, birth and death certificate can also be obtained by visiting health statistics center or through the following ways:

  • In-Person: You can visit the official health statistics center for your query which is located in 350 Capitol Street located at Charlestown.
  • Through Mail: Email is the best way to obtain such certificates and they will revert within 5 working days. Their email id is dhhrvitalreg@wv.gov.
  • By Phone and Fax: You can also inquire through phone, their number is (304) 558-2931. They will revert within 2 to 10 working days.
  • Online: In case you want to obtain the documents online, then you have to pay to Vital Check by Debit/Credit Card for shipping and copying fees.

Government Records West Virginia

Criminal Records

Criminal Records are archived with the West Virginia State Police and to obtain a background check you have to visit Identogo, as the work has been delegated there. The background checks are done on behalf of the state and as a part of licensing pre-employment, rent and housing.

A criminal background check(CIB ) is required in West Virginia for employment in the following sectors:

  • Foster Care.
  • Adult Family Care.
  • License for child care and child adopting agencies.
  • Registered Family home child care providers.

To apply for CIB, the agency or the provider will schedule an appointment where the applicant's fingerprint would be taken. The applicant then has to fillup the Statement of Criminal Record and submit the form to the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 29, 2022
Sensitive Information!