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Judicial Records West Virginia: How to Get Free Judicial Records in the State of West Virginia?

Judicial records are court documents that contain sensitive information about a person or complete entry about a court proceeding. These contain the complete detailing about the proceedings of a criminal hearing and the persons connected with the same. Judicial records can be used to do a background check and collect information related to a person's organization or property. In West Virginia, public judicial records can be accessed by anyone in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act passed in 1977.

What is a judicial record in West Virginia?

A judicial record contains complete information related to a court case. Normally Judicial records are created by the judicial officer during special court proceedings. Judicial records can be a paper document, a letter, evidence, a map, a book, tape recording, photographs, cloth piece, film recording, data storage device, etc. that are submitted to the court during the course of the preceding or created by the court or judicial agency. The judicial record can be physical hard copy content or a soft copy of electronic content by nature. They are stored in the archives department that comes under the custody of the court.

West Virginia Judicial Records

Can anyone access the judicial records in West Virginia?

The 38th most populous state West Virginia helps its citizens to access government records in the state. According to chapter 29 B of the West Virginia Code mandate, there is no restriction on anybody who wishes to obtain a judicial record related to an offender. They can request for the record and obtain it legally. However, there can be limitations on the use of personal information. If a jail inmate requests for his judicial record, then the court can question the purpose of the request.

The free judicial records include data from all public bodies in the state along with data from executive, legislative and judicial branches. Data that are not available for free access are the ones that contain trade secrets, bank details, personal information, national security records and other records exempted by the statutes of West Virginia.

How to access free judicial records in West Virginia?

Judicial records are accessed by organizations for performing the background check. Generally, the West Virginia state police hold the contract for conducting the background check. But off late there are private agencies that conduct a background check for the state for issuing driver’s licenses, hiring an employee for a job or even to lease a house. Generally, if the judicial record is related to a criminal, then the consent of the court is required to access the same. Else the following records can be obtained by the below-mentioned ways.

West Virginia court records can be accessed from the following website: http://www.courtswv.gov//

Judicial Records West Virginia

All the judicial records are digitized in the state and the administrator of the courts' website contains all the public records in general. Some records can also be found in http://www.courtswv.gov/public-resources/law-library/law-library-home.html the following website. If the case record is not accessible, one can contact the courthouse clerk who was in charge of the judicial record creation.

West Virginia vital records like birth-death certificates can be collected online by visiting http://www.wvdhhr.org/bph/hsc/vital/genealogy.asp website. One can walk down in person to the central office located at “350 Capitol Street in Charleston downtown” or write a mail to the Vital Registration department to obtain the records

The jail inmate records can be accessed from the West Virginia Department of Corrections website (http://www.wvdoc.com/wvdoc/). There is a DOC offender search page wherein one can mention the following details namely

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Jail inmate tracking number etc.

To search for judicial records online in West Virginia https://westvirginia.staterecords.org/ is the website created by the state. Also one can use the criminal record checker created by West Virginia State Police (https://www.wvsp.gov/Criminal%20Records/Pages/default.aspx).

Free judicial records in West Virginia are accessible through many private agencies as well as a paid service.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 10, 2022
Sensitive Information!