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West Virginia Vital Records: This Is How You Can Find West Virginia Vital Records for Free

West Virginia Vital Records can be found but accessed as easily as in other states. This state has placed certain restrictions on who all can access these records. In the case, you can access them only if you fulfill any of the following conditions

  • Your name is on the certificate
  • You are either the parent or grandparent of the person on the certificate
  • You are married to the person on the certificate
  • The person on the certificate is either your parent or your grandparent
  • You are either the brother or sister of the person on the certificate
  • You have legal reasons to see the certificate

    West Virginia Vital Records

Vital Records West Virginia charges 12 dollars per ever copy you have requested. This 12 dollar includes the fee charged for searching through the computer. However, if the certificate has not been computerized then the department will charge you extra for the manual search. They will search the records for the year mentioned along the year that came before and the year after. If you want them to widen the search they will charge you an additional 12 dollars for every 3-years expansion.

Unfortunately, the West Virginia Center for Health Statistics Vital Records accepts only cash payments for both mail and at the walk-up counter. Those who do not have cash can use either the West Virginia United Federal Credit Union or any of the ATMs nearby to make payment.

The situation is different for requests made over the phone or through both the internet and fax. Under these circumstances, the person can make their payment using either their debit or credit cards. The catch is that they would have to deal with VitalChek. This company helps them deal with payments made using credit/debit cards and the total fee will include the company’s charges. In case you use these options, you would have to pay 30.50 + shipping charges for non-rush requests and 35.50 + shipping charges for rush requests. The shipping charges will depend on the type of shipping you choose.

The fastest way to get your certificate is to arrive in person. The normal time needed to get your certificate is around 15 minutes, but most searchers do not take that much time. You must understand that this time can increase based on the time of the request. If the requests are made during the lunch hour then it will take more time.

Vital Records West Virginia

The slowest way to get your certificate is through the mail. This time is a combination of processing time and transit time. The processing is the time needed by the State of West Virginia Vital Records to search for the certificate in their system, print the certificate and send it to the post office for delivery. The transit time is time the post office takes to deliver the certificate to you.

West Virginia Department of Vital Records is on Capitol Street Charleston. This office works on weekdays between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm. This is also the Vital Records Office West Virginia.

Free Vital Records West Virginia requires five business days to complete the processing your request. However, with all government offices, this time can vary depending on the volume of orders requested and the number of staff available. The transit time depends on where you are located. If you live within West Virginia then the transit time is usually limited to one or two days. However, if you happen to live outside of West Virginia, then the post office might take around five to seven days to deliver the certificate to you.

In case you have requested the certificate through phone, fax or internet, the time can vary from two days to ten days. The speed will be determined by the method you have selected when ordering.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!