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County Public Records Explained
How Are County Records Updated as Public Records

It is surprising to know just how much information can be found out about you. A lot of people do not realize how much of their personal information is kept in county records databases of the documents they use. Most of the time the documents are considered public record even though they contain personal information about individuals.

A few of the databases need payment to be searched, however, the information is there for all to access. And when this type of information is made available for long periods of time, the advancement of the Internet and technology make this information a lot easier to access.

What constitutes county records? The definition lies within the state you reside in. Various states contain different laws regarding public records. However, a few of the most common county records include marriage and divorce settlements, birth and death records, criminal records, and lien details.

County Records
All states must by law provide county records of all sources of all convicted sex offenders too. People searches and background checks acquire information from such source, although you may have to search multiple databases to access the information provided in a single people search report.

According to the state you reside in, public records could extend further. A few states contain county records of campaign contributions, licenses, and certifications, tax, and real estate transactions, census records, etc.

This basically means the public can find out your information including phone numbers as well as bankruptcy charges as well as the kind of car you own. Various online organizations use county records databases to carry out background checks and people search facilities. It is a great idea to know the kinds of county records available in the state you reside in. There are multiple state government websites with links to such information.

What are County Records

Access to county records

While county records are records of public business, they do not necessarily be made available prior to rules and restrictions. With the Freedom of Information Legislation having gradually been eased into the picture in various jurisdictions since the 1960s making access a lot simpler. Each government contains policies and rules governing the availability of information found in public records.

A common restriction is data regarding individuals is not usually accessible by others; for example – the California Country Records Act points out that except for certain explicit exceptions, personal information stored regarding a person might not be disclosed unless the individual provides permission.

A few organizations grant access at a cost to various county records found on the internet. The majority of them specialize in a specific type of information, while few others offer access to multiple kinds of record, typically to professionals in other fields.

Public Records
A few companies sell software promising unlimited access to county records however could provide nothing more than basic information on accessing already available and usually free sites. Every year news media, libraries, schools, civic groups, and other interested groups sponsor "Sunshine Week" during mid-March in recognition of the idea that 'government functions best when it is operating in full transparency'.

In multiple states, legislatures are usually exempt from public-records laws which apply to state executive and local officials. A few years ago the Associated Press requested for the emails and regular schedules of state legislative leaders in each of the 50 states; a majority refused the request.

County records access has dipped thanks to the popularity of the Internet and information age. Third party companies such as the information broker industry carry out regular use of county records to compile easily available profiles on millions of individuals.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 25, 2020
Sensitive Information!