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Where to Find Death Records

It is imperative to note that death records come under the category of public records. The federal law of the United States of America makes it now mandatory that all the American states should maintain death records. However, what they should include in a death record may vary from state to state.

 SearchQuarry.com Death Records Database

There is a member’s area in the database called SearchQuarry.com. Go to a section called “Vital Records” to access the search option for death records in that section. There are searches for other vital records too. These include divorce records, marriage records, and birth records. The member’s area also includes other searches like phone number lookups. Background checks, people search vehicle records, driving records, lien records, court records, and criminal records.

The million dollar question is whether federal law enables death records to be available in America or not.


The birth records include the death records within the “Vital Records” category. It is the local authorities that create these records all over the United States. Even the military may create such data overseas. A person may require accessing a death record for several reasons. For instance, a person may be working as the executor of a certain estate.

There could be a surviving spouse requiring a death record for gaining access to the real estate assets of his/her spouse. Irrespective of whatever the reason could be, there are several means of accessing a death record.

Death records history

A majority of the states in America have been maintaining vital records since the early 20th century. On the other hand, some American states like Massachusetts have been maintaining death records since the 17th century. At present, federal law requires all states to maintain proper death records. However, there is no restriction or standardization on what must be included in the death records. As such, this may vary from state to state. Today, death records have become much more accessible in the United States than ever before.

Death Records

Kinds of death records

Death records are basically of two different kinds. These include death indexes and death certificates. When a person dies, a death certificate is issued officially. The document contains vital details about the person who died. Such information is as follows:

  • Full name of the deceased
  • Time of death
  • Cause of death

As there could be sensitive information in these records, the state might restrict them to be accessed at times. Such a restriction goes away within 50 years to one hundred years, based on the state. In order to get the official death certificate, you should start by getting in touch with the resident state of the deceased. The concerned state may thereafter possess the certificate or tell you to contact a local agency.

Where to Find Death Records

It is easier to access death indexes. These indexes offer basic details about the deceased person. The information stored in them is not sensitive. As such, you can typically download the death indexes without paying anything.

Procuring online death records

Based on the state that issued a death certificate, it is possible to get a death certificate easily from online. Sometimes, state agencies maintain online death records. Also, there also a number of websites like SearchQuarry.com that facilitate you to obtain a death record online.

Apart from locating a death record online, there are several portals, which also aggregate obituaries. However, you should not treat Obituaries as official death documents as submitting an obituary is possible, which may not have factual information. Rather the recognition of a death certificate as an official record of the deceased is much higher in the United States.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 1, 2020
Sensitive Information!