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How to Find Someone's Work History in WisconsinWhat is work history/record and what is it used for?

Whenever you apply for any job, the section that attracts the employer the most is the work experience section. So, it becomes very important to draft this section very beautifully and with honesty because your resume should never lie about you. To write your work experiences, it is necessary to have proper details of the jobs or work that you have held in the past.

Any discrepancies in the information provided in the resume if found by the employer might lead you to lose the job. Your work history or employment history is a detailed record of your past employment opportunities.
Who can access or need someone's work history?

Sometimes, an employer can ask for your work history to verify the details provided by you in your resume. You yourself can access the record to keep your resume updated and attractive.

In some cases, the parents or some other relatives of a deceased person can also ask for work history to use it for some other documents.

Wisconsin Work History Records

From where we can access our work history?

It is not possible to keep track of your past jobs and you also cannot put any wrong information in your resume, so in that case, there must be some organization or agency to keep the entire record but in any US state including Wisconsin, there is no single agency entirely dedicated for this work. In Wisconsin, there are three possible waysides get your work history-

  • SSA records
  • Tracking your tax returns
  • From past employers
You can request the Social Security Administration (SSA) for your employment record by filling the REQUEST FOR SOCIAL SECURITY EARNING INFORMATION(SSA-7050-F4) which is available on the official website of the agency (ssa.gov).
The form is very simple to fill; it requires some basic details only. There are two types of work records available with SSA i.e, Itemized statement of earnings and Yearly totals of earnings. The only difference between the two is that the itemized statement includes the names and addresses of employers while the yearly totals don't.

Also, the latter(noncertified) can be accessed free of cost without filling the form from the official website but a fee of $91.00 applies for the itemized statement. An additional $34.00 applies for the certified copy of both types of the record.

The only problem with SSA is that it takes a time of approximately 4 months to process the request. So, it is advised to fill the form as soon as possible if you are thinking of applying for a new job. If you face any problems regarding the work record then you can contact any local Social Security Office in Wisconsin.

Work History Records Wisconsin

The other way to access the records can be looking at your income tax returns and getting the details of your past employment through them.

You can also contact your prior employers and can get your work history from there and ultimately you can compile the records of all the companies. You can also use some of your prior employers as your point of reference in the resume (only if you are sure about their opinion of you).
  • Tips for Employees
All these ways could only help you in getting the correct past records but using them in the most desired way is all up to you. Even if you have worked in many companies it is not required to mention each and everyone in the resume. You should only state the most relevant jobs and where your experience was good.

Also, it is not necessary to provide the dates when it comes to mentioning the working duration. You can provide the month and the year.
  • Tips for Employers
If you are an employer and want to check the credibility of any job applicant, then you should ask for the SSA earnings record as compared to asking the other employers because the views of the employers could be very partial depending on the interpersonal equation between them and the employee.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 25, 2022
Sensitive Information!