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Judicial Records Wisconsin: How to Get Free Judicial Records in the State of Wisconsin?

The Wisconsin Open Records Act (Wisconsin Statute 19.21) guarantees the general public to access records maintained by government bodies. Public records are physical and electronic documents that include vital health records, marriage, and divorce records, criminal records, conviction records, arrest records, court proceedings, financials, investigation reports, and strategic documents.

One can access these judicial and vital records to perform background checks for employment and home rentals. According to the state of Wisconsin, people who are incarcerated or mentally ill are restricted to access judicial records.

Wisconsin Judicial Records

Judicial records contain important information related to one’s involvement in criminal activity. Many times, one can be refused a job because there has been an arrest record or criminal record on their name. According to the statutes of Wisconsin111.335 “The Wisconsin Fair Employment Act,” there is no discrimination or violation in the state law between a job application filed by an ex-convict or a general public.

Wisconsin Judicial Records
Unless the person has been jailed for forgery or misdemeanor related to property fraud or fake identity, one cannot deny a job based on past judicial records. However, the employers can do thorough background checking based on judicial records and then conduct face to face interviews before job selection. Thus Wisconsin judicial records are made accessible for the general public to help them be self-aware of criminals around them.

Wisconsin Circuit Court Access

The WCCA helps one to access circuit court judicial records. The official website to access circuit court records is https://wcca.wicourts.gov/. One can get important case information like

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Mugshot
  • Case details
  • Attorney Details
  • Judge details
  • Judgment details

From this link, one can access almost all judicial records. The exceptions include adoption details, juvenile assaults, child protection and termination of parental rights, civil commitments, and guardianships.

Wisconsin Court System

Wisconsin courts are divided into circuit court and supreme courts. The Supreme Court issues a table of pending cases that will be heard in the court soon. One can access these details and check if the person concerned is listed in the pending cases list (https://wicourts.gov/supreme/sc_tabpend.jsp)

There are numerous third-party websites that offer access to Wisconsin state judicial records database. For example, https://backgroundchecks.org/wisconsin-public-records.html is a website where one can type the first name, last name and city details to get free judicial records access.

If the database is not able to fetch the judicial record, one can write to the Wisconsin Department of Justice in Madison. Though there is no ceiling on the number of days within which the government has to reply back to the request, the access request is processed within 10 working days mostly.

Judicial Records Wisconsin
Wisconsin Criminal Records

The Wisconsin Department of Justice maintains 1.4 million records that have been collected from courts, law enforcement agencies, district attorney offices, court clerks and municipal courts. If there is restricted access to any criminal record, one has to request the Wisconsin department of justice crime information bureau. Also, jail inmate records can be accessed from the Wisconsin department of corrections website.

The offender locator portal https://appsdoc.wi.gov/lop/ helps one to access the DOC website and refer to the jail inmate record database. The DOC updates this information regularly and ensures every information on the website is accurate. The database contains records of

  1. Convicts
  2. Incarceration
  3. Sentenced to lifetime
  4. Sentenced to death

The database contains details of convicts released after serving their tenure along with their temporary contact details

Wisconsin State Law library

The Wisconsin state law library http://wilawlibrary.gov/topics/records/index.php contains links to access judicial records from the whole of the state. One can access vital records like birth death marriage and divorce records along with judicial records on this website. If one needs any support on this website, they can write to wsll.ref@wicourts.gov and call at(800)322-9755

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!