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Embezzlement Law Wyoming

A crime tried under the Wyoming embezzlement law is a type of property theft. When someone entrusted to monitor or manage another person’s asset steals all or part of it for personal gains, it is considered a crime.

It is different from common theft where the defendant did not have the responsibility for keeping the asset. In the case of embezzlement, the defendant had the responsibility and legal access to the property.

It must be established that the act of embezzlement was done by the defendant entrusted for safekeeping of the asset. It was a violation of the special trust placed in the defendant.

A case of embezzlement can be established under various circumstances. For example, an employee entrusted by the bank to collect client money must keep it properly and deposit it as required. When this employee takes away that money for personal gain, it becomes a case of embezzlement.

Similarly, when employees of private companies embezzle funds of their employer, they can be charged for this crime.

Embezzlement law applies even when a family member embezzles money, fund or any other asset of a relative under care. Board members, lawyers, and other professionals can be accused of embezzlement if they misappropriate their client’s money given for some other purpose.

Wyoming Embezzlement Law

Punishment for embezzlement in Wyoming

A person convicted of embezzlement can be fined, jailed, or given both penalties. The amount of fine and the term of imprisonment depending on the type and value of the embezzled asset.

The severity of the penalty increases if there is any other accompanying crime. Most convictions are based on the value of the property or money stolen. First, the value of the property is established, and then the penalties are given as per the Wyoming embezzlement laws.

Restitution amount

A defendant may have to pay restitution to the victim. This amount is based on the monetary value of the property or money embezzled. This monetary punishment is in addition to the fines and prison terms awarded to the defendant.

Punishment for Embezzlement in Wyoming

  • For stealing an asset with a monetary value of less than $1000, the penalties can include up to $750 fine and/or 6 months of jail term.
  • For misappropriating an amount exceeding $1000, the penalties can include up to $10,000 fine and/or up-to 10 years of prison term.
  • Increased sentences are given for embezzling fuel or livestock.
Punishment for Embezzlement in Wyoming

What to do when you have been charged under Wyoming Embezzlement Law?

You should immediately consult an embezzlement criminal defense lawyer. Being late in preparing your defense can result in harsher punishments. You have to start preparing for your defense as quickly as possible.

Some of the evidence can be destroyed by the other party or disappear from the records due to other reasons. You have to establish your innocence using various defensive options open to you.

If you have never faced this type of criminal charge, you cannot handle this task on your own. A lawyer specializing in this field knows what types of defenses should be put up to protect the rights of the defendant.

Each case is different and requires a different approach. Your lawyer will advise you on how best to present your case. The professional will represent your case in the court vigorously and professionally. Proper and effective legal representation can result in reduced sentences, lower fines, or even complete dismissal of the charges.

Federal embezzlement laws apply when someone steals property or assets of the federal government. In fact, federal laws apply even when the federal government’s money or property is stolen from private property.

It is different from the state embezzlement laws. The Wyoming state can prosecute not only the public officials but also any other person working for the local government.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 10, 2022
Sensitive Information!