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Judicial Records Wyoming: How to Get Free Judicial Records in the State of Wyoming?

The Supreme Court of Wyoming is the apex legal authority in the state. Lower judicial courts consist of the district, circuit/county, and municipal courts. Unlike most other states in the United States, Wyoming does not have an intermediate appellate court due to its low population. If a decision from district courts is appealed or contested then it goes straight to the supreme court. Circuit or County courts oversee all misdemeanor cases involving sexual assault, stalking, family violence, forced entry, and detainer cases. Circuit court is also responsible for overseeing protection order cases.

District courts oversee trials of felony criminal cases, large dollar amount civil cases, juvenile and probate matters. It also hears appeals against court decisions from lower courts. The jurisdiction of the district courts is unlimited except for those under the jurisdiction of circuit courts. Municipal courts oversee ordinance violations and have no civil jurisdiction.

It can award a maximum penalty of up to 750 dollars and/or six months in jail. Additionally newly established chancery court deals with commercial, business, and trust cases. Although there are numerous online portals that provide court records at a price there are a number of resources available online that can be leveraged to obtain official court records of Wyoming. For instance:

Wyoming Judicial Records
The Supreme Court's Clerk Office website maintains a searchable database that can be utilized to search for case details based on docket number, case category or party name. Circuit court website is an excellent resource for various forms related to family law, small claims, protection orders, and other forms. You can use this tool to obtain locations of various district courts in the state. Similarly, this tool can provide locations of various circuit courts in the state.

The municipal directory provides key demographic and institutional details of all municipalities located in the state. Most public records documents can be obtained by exercising freedom of information request to the respective city clerk. This tool provides guidelines for submitting FOIA requests for the city of Wyoming. Apart from these resources, there are additional web portals like this and this which can provide case details extracted from the PACER system.

How to get records for Criminal, Civil cases/ Special proceedings/ Estates cases, Divorce judgments, Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Death certificates, Land records/ Deeds and Police reports?

Details regarding civil, criminal, divorce and estate cases can be obtained from the court’s clerk office where the case is being heard by filling out the appropriate forms and submitting the required fees. Wyoming’s vital statistics service can be used to obtain certified birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates. Historical death records from 1909 are available in a searchable database. Since a large part of Wyoming's land is under federal control, the bureau of land management website is a wonderful place to look for land records. Police records are public documents and can be requested directly from the concerned police station barring some exceptions. For example request for Casper, police records can be filed online via their website.

Judicial Records Wyoming

Background Check, Employment Check, or Rental Check

Background information check can be done on the division of the criminal investigation website. It provides comprehensive information for obtaining the background check

County or City Documents

Wyoming county archives website can be used to obtain county or city-related documents.

Powers of Attorney

Frequently asked questions and resources for validating and creating power of attorney can be found here.

Prisoner Records

Department of Correction of Wyoming provides prisoner records in a searchable directory on their official website. Records can be searched by providing inmate no, first and last name, age, and gender.

Wills and Estates

County archives provide detailed instructions, form and other tools for obtaining documents regarding estate administration records.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
Sensitive Information!