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What are the Wyoming Loitering Laws?

Loitering means the act of remaining in a public place for a period of time without any specific reason. In some places loitering may be termed as wearing masks or roaming on the streets in disguises, or indoor littering.

Historically loitering has been treated as an essential preceding offense which refers to other forms of disorder in society and public crime, like dealing in stolen goods, harassment and mobbing, begging, organized crime, prostitution, robbery, public drunkenness and etc.

Loitering is illegal in some of the places in the United States of America. The law of loitering has been challenged from time to time and has been kept changing from time to time. On the other hand, Loitering helps in providing a lesser offense that can be utilized by the police to confront and detect the suspect from lingering and roaming in a high crime area, on those occasions when criminal intention or a potential criminal is judged under suspicion.

Wyoming Loitering Law

Example of Loitering

A very good example of loitering can be given when groups of friends or group of fellow co-workers are leaving a restaurant or a cafe and they decide to talk for a while on the sidewalks before heading towards their home, they are not likely to be challenged or penalized for loitering. If however, the group is still hanging on the sidewalk in front of the establishment for a very long period of time, becoming out of control, then they might be charged by the police officers for loitering. The bust most likely scenario would be that the group would simply be asked to move along by the police, rather than being taken into custody.

Ordinances and Statutes on loitering may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Most of them specify, if a business place or a public place put up a no loitering notice which is clearly visible to the public, loiterers are then to be considered on notice, and the police officers can take action on them immediately.

Punishment for Loitering in Wyoming
Wyoming Loitering Law

Wyoming is the 10th largest state in the United States of America it lies in the mountain regions of the country because which it is very sparsely and least populated state in the United States of America.

Loitering is considered as an insignificant crime or a very small violation as compared to other crimes committed in the state, whereas loitering does have the potential to persuade more severe crimes in any state. According to Wyoming, loitering law loitering is considered as Petty misdemeanors and any individual found doing the following activity will be guilty of Petty misdemeanors -

  1. If an individual is found in any private business premises posted with the sign NO LOITERING in the state for more than minutes and his/her activity becomes suspicious when the business establishment is closed and the individual suspected of loitering has no intent or to demonstrate business at the establishment.
  2. Sitting or lingering upon the steps, roaming around the fence or the parking area, to obstruct the passerby or the occupant of the building by lingering around the building or by roaming around the doorway of the buildings.
  3. If the individual is warned before by the owner, manager or law enforcement official for loitering by orally or by writing and the individual is still found loitering in the same premises again then he/she might be charged legally according to the Wyoming loitering law. Also failing to do so the individual will be termed as Misdemeanors under the Wyoming state of law.

Furthermore when people were harassed and falsely charged for loitering most of the states in the United States of America adopted anti-loitering law in which the law only aimed to reduce gang-related activity most commonly drug trafficking and violent crimes which gave the police officer the right to arrest those people in case of not following the law or disobedience.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!