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A Guide for Purchasing Firearm in Idaho

by Kelly B.

Firearm in Idaho, How to Buy Firearm in Idaho

How to obtain a Firearm Licence in Idaho

Idaho is a “shall issue” state for concealed-carry of a firearm. The firearm license is issued by the local county sheriff to any applicant who is qualified to handle a firearm, and qualification is determined by taking an approved training course, displaying familiarity with a firearm, or being trained in the military.

A qualified applicant will receive their license within 90 days of applying. Idaho sets a strict age limit for the carry of guns, in the year 2016, the governor signed into law SB1389 making it legal for anyone aged 21 and older to carry a gun, concealed, and without a permit anywhere within the city. The law did not affect places outside city limits as concealed-carry without a license was already legal outside city limits. As liberal as Idaho may seem about its gun laws, it too sets certain limitations and restrictions on gun owners.

Firearm in Idaho
Any individual under the age of 18 is not legally permitted to carry or possess any weapon unless the individual has written permission by a parent, or the individual is accompanied by their parent or guardian while they possess the weapon. In the year 2013, Idaho legislation came into play, which created an "enhanced concealed weapon license" now known as "Idaho Enhanced Permit," to obtain this license, the applicant must undergo certain requirements, such as:

1. An eight-hour training course consisting of:

-instructions of self-defense.
-live fire training, and have fired a minimum of 98 rounds.
-instruction on Idaho’s firearm laws, only by a law enforcement officer or a certified lawyer by the state bar.-instructions on the safe and responsible use of guns.

2. An applicant must be a resident of Idaho for at least six months or possess a license in the state they reside in.

Circumstances in which no concealed-carry permit is required in Idaho

Some such circumstances include:

  • If an individual is above the age of 21 years old and not disqualified from possessing a firearm.
  • If the gun is unloaded and concealed in a vehicle or a secures case.
  • If the firearm is purchased through lawful ways.
  • If the weapon is visible in plain sight.
How to Buy Firearm in Idaho

Important points for Gun Owners in Idaho

Some important points for gun owners in Idaho to remember are:

  • Firearm registration is not required by any individual purchasing or possessing a gun.
  • There are state pre-emptions of local restrictions; cities can regulate the discharge of firearms within the city limits.
  • No background checks are required for private sales of firearms.
  • There is no restriction on magazine size for long guns or handguns.
  • An individual is allowed to open-carry a firearm in a vehicle or on foot.
  • Concealed-carry is permitted without a license, within city limits for anyone above the age of 21 and active military; Concealed-carry outside city limits or vehicles when engaged in lawful activity.
  • Carrying a weapon is illegal when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Open-carry or concealed-carry are not allowed in a courthouse, correction facility, jail, or schools.
  • There is no law on permits for an assault weapon; they can be purchased by a qualified individual.
  • A loaded firearm is permitted if the individual has a concealed-carry license and the weapon is loaded and kept in the vehicle.
  • The concealed carry license issued by the county sheriff is valid for five years. The license is required to gain reciprocity in other states.


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