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A Guide for Purchasing Firearm in Minnesota

by Eddie V.

Firearm in Minnesota, How to Buy Firearm in Minnesota

How to Buy a Firearm in Minnesota

The Department of Public Safety in Minnesota requires and provides two types of state permits related to firearms. One is the Permit to Carry, and the other is the Permit to Purchase/Transfer. There are no permits demanded rifles, hunting equipment, and shotguns. The permits strictly apply only to handguns.

Both permits have their application procedures and limitations. You are required to acquire the right application forms and return it with the necessary information to your local police department or Sheriff’s office.

If you are interested in buying a handgun and if it's a one-time purchase, you can apply for the necessary permit at the gun shop. Let's look at the process.

Obtaining a Carry Permit in Minnesota

You can download a copy of the application at the Minnesota Department of Public Safety website. The application is called the “Uniform Firearm Application Permit to Carry a Pistol,” and the link is can also get the paper copy at your Sheriff’s office.

Firearm in Minnesota

Fill it Up

The next step is to fill up the application. This has to be done by hand or you can type out the online version and print it out. The entire application needs to be filled or else, it will not be entertained. The application will ask for your data and previous residential address (past five years).

Personal data here could include current address, birth date, name, physical description, uniquely identifiable physical traits or features, and driver's license number.

The Minnesota Background Check

As part of the process, you will be required to sign a form authorizing a background check, which will be conducted by a licensing agency. This is to make sure that you’re eligible for owning a firearm.

The agency discussed here is the Minnesota Department of Human Services, which will work with the Department of Public Safety to carry out the background check. You may not be eligible for owning a firearm if you are…

  • Committed by the court as developmentally disabled, dangerous to the public, or mentally ill.
  • Found not guilty for a crime due to mental illness or are incompetent to stand trial.
  • It is committed by the court as being chemically dependent.
  • I have found to have been admitted to a treatment facility for chemical dependency.
How to Buy Firearm in Minnesota

Seek Training

You are required to pass a training course in the safe handling of a firearm. This must be done a year before the submission of the application form. You can access a list of qualified and licensed instructors on the Minnesota Department of Public Safety website. The link is All you have to do is scroll through and enter the relevant pin code. This will provide you with a list of instructors in your area.

Classes are also offered by sheriff’s offices in certain areas.

Submit Your Application

Finally, submit your application at the local sheriff’s office. The same application process is applied to non-residents as well. However, they can submit the form at any sheriff’s office and not necessarily the one in their county.

Along with the application, you will also have to submit the firearms training certification (completed), driver’s license/US passport/state ID, and the order restoring your right to hold a firearm (if applicable).

You must submit all of the above in person. There are no online submission options.

Pay and Wait

Pay the necessary fees, which is usually no more than $100. After that, you will have to wait for a month or so. It takes that long for the entire process to get completed. Once approved, you will be notified via email. The license must be renewed every five years.


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