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Relationship Tips for Men Every Guy Should Know

by Keren P.

Relationship Tips, Relationship Tips for Men

Successful Relationship Tips for Men

We all have our agony aunts and love gurus to guide us through the ups and downs of our relationship. But do you think that it’s ethical to go to a third person every time you hit a new obstacle in your relationship? Wouldn’t it be better to try, analyze and understand what the problem is and then solve it on your level?

It is the common understanding that women don’t like to be discussed beyond their knowledge unless of course, the discussion is about how amazing they are! But other than that, women hate being subject to criticism or handled by anyone other than themselves.

So the real question is that is it so hard maintaining a relationship that you have to go to a third person to mend your own ways? Relationships are not rocket science. They are not difficult to understand but difficult to maintain.

Here are a few tips for men to have their relationships last longer:

Relationship Tips

1. Art of listening: At the risk of generalizing men into one category, from my experience it is safe to say that men are not exactly the ideal listeners. But listening is very important in any relationship. It requires patience, immense patience, and compassion. It is the best way to communicate with your partner. Communication is a solid key for a successful relationship. Your communication may just be one-sided that is the side of speaking. But it is important to listen also. It helps break that communication barrier. You will understand why your partner is unhappy, and then maybe you will start working towards changing. This will help you stay in an understanding relationship with your partner where you both are on the same page.
2. Give space: We all know how much you love and adore your partner and how you want to keep her in the realms of your shadow forever but please, don’t ambush her. Give her some space so that she doesn’t crack under pressure. It is good to be a little possessive, it gives her the sense of belonging, but if you go beyond what is necessary, then she might start feeling suffocated. Most men don't realize that they are not giving their partners enough space because there is no involvement of ill intention, they are just protective. But this is exactly what needs to be changed. Your overprotective outlook may just drive your partner farther away from you.

Relationship Tips for Men

3. Don’t try to fix problems: Yes, you love to be the savior of the day. But not every problem has an outright solution. There are some problems that don’t require you to turn into Dr. Phil. You just need to support your partner through their tough times. You can’t fix every problem that your partner may be facing. Sometimes there are issues that may be rooted more deeply than meets the eye. If you try and figure out their problems and try to fix them, your partner will be left feeling like a subject of an experiment and not loved. So change that, don't be a mechanic, your partner is not a broken car.

4. DO NOT walk out: If there are problems, fights, misunderstanding or anything that is putting you and your partner through a tough time, do not walk out. If you love your partner enough, you will try and work through your issues instead of abandoning them altogether. Walking out will help neither your partner nor you. You both will be left feeling empty because you let your ego come between you. Stay and talk, nor problem is unsolvable if you just try and understand each other.

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