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Should You Date Your Co-Worker?

Hey, did a cupid strike you? And your dream date is none other than your colleague. There is nothing wrong in getting attracted towards your colleague; since you spend most of the time with him/her at the office. There are various pros and cons of dating a colleague. Below discussed are some of the risks associated while dating your colleague.

  • Relationship Goes Kaput: Human relationships are unpredictable. Sometimes the relations might work or go awry. When your relation ends abruptly, you might think of changing your job or the department. Since you do not want to face your ex-partner on a daily basis.
  • Gossip Gossip Everywhere: You will be the talk of the town when your other colleagues realize about relation with your subordinate. Moreover, your each and every move will be on the radar at the workstation, coffee shop, meetings etc. Gossip mongers will turn into spies instantly.
  • Influence: This is a common situation faced by the couple dating in a working environment. When one of the partners holds a prominent position in the company might influence his seniors in reducing your work load or recommend him for a particular project. However, the situation can be reverse, in case you break-up.
Should I Date My Co-Workers
  • Promotion: You will be in an embarrassing situation when your partner succeeds in getting a promotion ahead of you. In some cases, the sub-ordinates pull the trigger to cause damage in your relation by teasing or taunting.
  • Possibilities of Harassment: Harassment begins when your relationship with your partner goes sour. Your partner could influence the management team to terminate or demote you from a particular project. Such incidents might lead to negative impact on your career.
  • Difficult for your department: People tend to become judgmental in terms of promotions, projects, forming a new team, and sharing responsibilities. Your relationship could make the department to be extra cautious while dealing with certain issues like demotion, layoff, increment etc.

Rules For Balancing Personal and Professional Life:

  • Do not mix your personal with professional life. Avoid discussing your office meetings and gossips with your partner in your leisure time.
  • Avoid discussing minute details about your love affair with your teammates. For instance discussions regarding candlelit dinner, secret outings, exchanging gifts, etc. Your co-workers might not feel comfortable hearing about intimate instances.
How to Date a Co Worker
  • Keep your personal quarrels or dissatisfaction at home. Set aside a time for discussing and resolving the misunderstandings with your partner. Since this might affect your performance and you might end up getting negative remarks.
  • Be cautious while forwarding romantic email or messages to your partner at work. For instance, you break-up with your partner; so these emails or messages can be used to blackmail you for a particular favor. Also, it can be used as evidence against you for sexual misconduct.

Do you know that you need to pen down your relationship status before you join a new organization? Yes, some companies do follow this policy. In addition to this, some organizations forbid you from having a relationship at the workplace. Since it leads to favoritism (favoring a particular individual). Moreover, this happens when you are in a relationship with your boss or senior employee. But there is no hard and fast rule that every organization should follow this policy. However, keep your relationship status under wraps in case you are good at hiding secrets,

Every individual desire to find the perfect partner for life. And dating your colleague is the silver lining on the cloud. Dating your co-worker is not a taboo anymore. Nowadays organizations are fine with such relations at work. It helps in moral and emotional support, motivation, sharing responsibilities, etc.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on February 19, 2020
Sensitive Information!