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What is Emotional Affair and What are Emotional Affair Signs?

This is a big topic for many Americans who are married, or in a committed relationship. Cheating is not just physical, but emotional as well. Nothing hurts more then knowing your other half has emotions for another person. However, its always better to be in the know, then in the know not. People have emotional affairs all the time. It can be with their co-workers, other people they interact with in yoga class or the gym, the local grocery cashier; or any other activities where they find themselves having as secret crush on another person. That secret crash often develops into an emotional affair and can even lead to texting, spending time together and having sex. Emotional affairs happen all the time, and there are different levels of emotional affairs.

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Emotional cheating can be more difficult to spot. However, if you take note and notice the small signs, you will be able to see if your partner is involved with emotional cheating. To find out if you are victim of emotional cheating you need to ask yourself the following questions

Questions to Ask yourself about Emotional Cheating:

Is my partner constantly talking about someone else?

Often time people have emotional affairs without even knowing it. Your partner might have already told you they are having an emotional affair but you simply did not notice. Listen and see if your partner is constantly speaking about someone else, their qualities and how great they think they are. They might be saying how great their new boss is, how lovely their new co- worker is. They might be talking about the awesome hobbies their new gym friend is involved in. If you listen close enough, it will be easy to spot if your partner is emotionally cheating.

what is an emotional affair

Your relationship is numb and your partner needs excitement to feel alive!

Some of the reasons your partner might restore to emotional affair is if your relationship is not doing so well. If you are lacking in physical affection and attention, lacking conversations, and growing distant, your partner might resort to emotional affair. That does not mean your partner does not love you, he or she might not even know they are doing it. However, as humans there are basic needs we need fulfill. If those needs are not met by our partners, we often sub consciously turn to other solutions such as an emotional affair. A healthy relationship can be difficult to maintain, therefore, its important to make sure you understand every piece of of the puzzle when you are out to find out if your partner is having an emotional affair.

What situation is my relationship is?
Though there are many reasons why people cheat or have emotional affairs, doing you own internal work and understand what situation you relationship is, can save you a lot of time in understanding what is really going on. If your relationship is doing great, but you feel like your partner might be cheating, there really could be an issue where your partner is straight out cheating. But, it could also be other things. If your relationship is in bad shape and your partner is simply seeking for attention in order to feel worthy, that is something you need to understand as well. Therefore, understand what situation your relationship is in is key!

Do you still feel that “LOVE” feeling?
When was the last time you felt loved in your relationship? When as the last time your partner felt loved? People fall out of love all the time, is that the case for you and your partner and you might be too afraid to a admit it? It is time to do some house check and see if there might be a reason your partner could be having a emotional affair. Before you start digging deeper into your partner, try digging deeper into your relationship and into yourself. Ask yourself: Are we still in love? Does my partner feel loved? Do I feel loved? Be honest, its the only way and best way to being happy!

If you have answered all these questions and you still think there is no reason in your relationship why your partner should go and cheat, its time to do some serious checking into wether or not your partner is having an emotional affair!

what is emotional affair

Here are the things you can do to check if your partner is having an emotional affair:

1. Notice any new grooming habits
2. Pay close attention if your partner has a new co worker, workout partner, or new friends 3. Check if they are constantly on emotional media talking to someone
4. See if they come ups with excuses to stay out late, and leave at weird hours.
5. New hobbies and new places they want to go to alone.
6. Notice if they are spending extra time on their phone
7. They suddenly have to work overtime as “new projects” are now being assigned to them. 8. They stay later hours at work
9. Moody behavior. This could be due to the fact their emotional affair is neglecting them, or stops answering them.
10. They suddenly speak to their family member over the phone for hours.

What to do if you Believe your Partner has an Emotional Affair?

The first step is to get proof. Though it can be hard to believe and hard to face, you will want to gather as much information and proof as possible. Speculations will just make them deny, whatever it is, you will try to find out.

After you father proof, face your partner with those facts and understand the reasons behind their emotional affair. It might be possible to rebuild the trust and relationship, and it might not be. It all depends on the causes and reasons and level of seriousness of the emotional affair.


Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 25, 2019
Sensitive Information!