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How Often Do Most Married Couples Have Sex? 

Statistics have proven that couples in their teens and twenties are ready for a bonk anytime, anywhere. They are robust as compared to the older lot. We can put it down to being in the moment without any pressures or being married for a couple of months, to being married for decades. Nevertheless, the question does arise, as to how often do married couples have sex, or do they just lose interest altogether? Let us look at it realistically. 

1. The average when it comes to getting it on with your spouse is about once a week, once a day, or even once a month for the less inclined. The reason why couples do not get intimate often is work pressure, financial hassles, stress, obesity, or an illness. One cannot with a fact state that couples, in general, have sex ten times a week, twice a week, once a month, once a year, or once in never. As the years catch up you, chores have to get done and the idea of baring it all just does not seem fun anymore.

How Often Do Married Couples Have Sex
2. Oral sex is also constituted as sex. Some women do not like going down on their man. That can trigger annoyance from the spouse resulting in not wanting to do it at all. The other side of the coin is when a woman is way too fuzzy down under, the spouse may not want any contact until it is done and dusted. This statistic would probably be that marital relations between the two hardly occur, and when it does it is just once a month, once in six months or once a year!

3. One can say with a fact that the older the relationship, couples are less inclined to go the whole nine yards. We can put it down to heavy dinner, or lunch when one is not in the mood. Or we can also look at the fact that the older one gets, sex drives reduce. Viagra to the rescue here! This probably answers the question as to how often do most married couples have sex.

4. With kids in the house, it is difficult making time to make out. Kids can walk in on you wondering what mommy is doing to daddy and vice versa. And if you have not closed the door and indulge in some role play, that can be quite confusing for the kids and embarrassing for a couple. Putting off sex until the kids are asleep becomes the norm, and then both husband and wife fall asleep!

Sex In a Marriage

5. Sexting gets couples in the mood. We can thank the tech experts who have made it easy for couples to get in the mood for something raunchy. Now, this is not only restricted to husband and wife married for a few months. In fact, statistics have proven that the older crowd also gets their mojo on with some raunchy sex messages. It gets them in the mood for anything naughty!

6. Have you ever wondered about your grandparents and how they have that lovely glow all the time? Sure it is about the clear country air. But couples in their 60’s, 70's, and older are still getting it on, and rather often. One would presume twice or even thrice a week. Some may even try the 30-day sex challenge and beat the young ones with their vigor! It proves - married couple sex is never boring.

In a nutshell, couples in their early years of marriage to have sex in a marriage more often. As they start climbing up the food chain, a quickie suffices. Middle-aged couples are also having great sex, maybe once a week, six to eight times a month, give or take. The super-seniors, who are quite naughty, after they have passed forty, are having a great time, even tantric sex!

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 28, 2020
Sensitive Information!