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Funny Marital Advice for The Bride

The wedding day is probably the most important day in the life of every bride. Of course, this big day is also going to make her feel very stressed. One way to lighten a bride's mood is by giving her some funny advice that is designed to make her smile and unwind. The only thing you need to pay heed to is the advice should be in good taste and it should be lighthearted as well as positive. It is every guest’s duty to ensure that they do everything in their power to make the bride smile. That, in turn, will have the effect of creating long-lasting and fond memories of her wedding day. Here is a look at some advice that every bride will find funny.

Beauty Fades and So Does His Eyesight

In the moments when she is busy preparing herself to walk down the aisle to begin a new life as the perfect wife, you can make her feel better and less stressed by giving her some simple funny wedding advice for the bride. To alleviate her fear of not looking beautiful a few years down the line, you can tell her there is nothing to worry about because his eyesight will also start to fade at the same time.

Funny Advice for The Bride

Feed Him Well

Another piece of funny martial advice for the bride that you can give the bride is to remind her she should not try to make her husband any better than he already is. It won’t happen and it will only end up making you feel disappointed for no good reason.

Toilet Etiquette

Next, be sure to use this funny advice for the future bride. It goes like this. Make it a point to not enter the toilet for at least twenty minutes after he has finished there. Otherwise, you will end up rushing out in tears and of course, you will also feel very disgusted.

He Won’t be Punctual

This is a piece of funny wedding advice for the bride that is bound to make her smile. Tell her to understand that she should not expect her husband to be punctual. He won’t be home on time and so there is no point in being stressed on this account.

Funny Wedding Advice for The Bride
Dress for Him

This piece of advice is simple to follow. Tell her that she should dress up for not just herself but also for her husband. It virtually guarantees her husband’s everlasting appreciation!

How to Get Him to Do Something

Brides that do not know how to get their husbands to do something need not worry. Follow this simple yet funny advice. Just remember to tell him he is too old to do what you want him to do. As soon as he hears this, he will show some alacrity in completing the task you told him he was too old to do.

Last but not least, you should follow this advice. Before agreeing to marry him, be sure to listen to how he chews. If his chewing noises do not offend you, then you are ready to be his wife. Otherwise, things could get rocky in your marriage.

These are simple yet pieces of advice that can make any bride smile. They are helpful and effective though one thing that every bride must keep in mind is that beauty is never perfect. And the most beautiful thing in the world is when two people grow together.

So, instead of trying to mold your husband, you should not try and change too many things. What you do not like about your husband should not come in the way of your love for him. The more you give and take, the better your marriage will be.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on February 21, 2020
Sensitive Information!