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How to Handle Separation Anxiety from My Boyfriend?

It can be difficult to live apart from a partner or be in a long-distance relationship where you can't see each other that often. Many people feel a sense of anxiety over the situation, as you can't always know for sure whether you can trust your partner or not. After all, physical closeness and intimacy are important in a relationship, and where those are missing, sometimes long-distance relationships face problems. However, separation anxiety is very different from living far away from or being too busy to meet your partner for a while.

Separation anxiety was originally classified as a feeling that children experienced when they were away from their primary caregivers for an extended period of time. In recent years, separation anxiety was found in adults as well, leading to the development of the Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder (ASAD).

Separation Anxiety from Boyfriend
What Is Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder?

A person with ASAD will find it extremely difficult to spend any time away from their boyfriend when their separation anxiety stems from their boyfriend. This could be any length of time, and may even be as small as a few hours a day. A person with more severe ASAD may find it difficult to be apart from their boyfriend while their partner is at work.

The kind of difficulties they face has to do with the onset of a feeling of anxiety whenever the boyfriend is away from them, usually beyond a stipulated period of time. This can manifest itself in the form of negative thinking, irrational behavior or even panic attacks. People with more severe ASAD may need therapy in order to overcome the situation. Most cases are not as severe, and it is possible to maintain healthy and working relationships despite having separation anxiety.

How Do You Deal with Separation Anxiety from Your Boyfriend?

Some of the symptoms of separation anxiety from a boyfriend include worries, stresses, and health problems. If not controlled, it can completely overtake your life and leave you incapable of many of the things you want to do and are capable of accomplishing. The first step to dealing with any anxiety disorder is to visit a therapist or a counselor. The reason behind this is that is it important and necessary to judge the severity of the anxiety. If it is a mild form, then it is common and many people both experience it often as well as overcome it.

If the anxiety is moderately present in your life, then you may have to consider undergoing further therapy as a way to restore control over your thoughts. The more severe cases can require medication as well as therapy. Severe forms of ASAD should be addressed using medical assistance as it can act as a detriment towards a person's overall quality of life.

However, a certain degree of separation anxiety is normal in relationships. Most people are taught to have control over themselves, as well as their surroundings in order to live a life where they can expect what may happen. A simple example of this is a child who is taught that if they study regularly and do their homework, then they will get good grades in school. Similarly, a job seeker knows that if they keep looking for work, they will eventually find it.

Separation Anxiety
Not every facet of life is within a person's control, and other people fall into this category as well. Learning how to trust someone in a romantic relationship can bring with a certain degree of fear and anxiety. This holds especially true for people who have been in bad relationships in the past. However, it is only when that anxiety gets out of control and works against you in how you live your life, does separation anxiety become a problem. The first step to resolving any problem related to mental health is understanding that there is a problem.

If you can truly say, 'I have separation anxiety from my boyfriend', and feel as if your anxiety is hurting both your relationship as well as your everyday life, then you should seek advice from a therapist to find healthy coping mechanisms to deal with your anxiety. Actively curbing negative thoughts as well as consistently being mindful of the moment also helps in alleviating anxiety. Most importantly, you should communicate with your boyfriend that you have separation anxiety from him, and ask for his support as you recover.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 30, 2020
Sensitive Information!