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How Long To Wait To Not Be A Rebound?

Rebound is a relationship that you get into right after breaking up with someone else. Being the rebound relationship of someone is a horrible thing. After a breakup, everyone thinks they will feel better if they start going out with someone else. They do this without taking any time off to heal and get over the past relationship.

People do this because they think getting with someone else will help them get over their ex faster. Unfortunately, that is almost never the case and both parties end up getting hurt. Even after a breakup, there are some residual feelings that need time to be forgotten, most of us are guilty of jumping into a rebound relationship without taking that time.

How Not to Be A Rebound
Signs You Are About To Be In a Rebound Relationship

The person has broken up fairly recently and claims to be desperately attracted to you for no real reasons. They might barely know you but they claim to have strong feelings for you. The connection you share with this person seems extraordinarily empty and fulfilling all at the same time. You can sense a lingering bitterness and negative attitude for their ex. And the most important factor- they seem to be doing everything to make their ex jealous.

Ways To Avoid Being a Rebound:

Be Sympathetic But Set Boundaries

This person recently had a breakup and is emotionally torn up. They are looking for you as a shoulder to cry on because they trust you. In such a situation, boundaries can get blurry. To avoid this make it clear that you are there just for the support until he is in a more stable situation.

Do Not Be The Replacement Person

After a relationship ends guys can be extremely needy. They are used to their emotional needs being met and having someone around them all the time. They are on the lookout for a replacement for what is now lost from their lives. Typically they will hit you up very often because they miss the intimacy of a relationship. Do not always jump to be there whenever he calls you. He should not expect you to meet his needs in the same way that his ex did. You are not the rebound girl, prove that to him sooner than later.

How Long to Not Be A Rebound
Do Not Bad Mouth His Ex

It is very tempting to trash your crush’s ex. It may feel like you are helping them to forget and move on but that is not actually the case. What you are actually doing is making the conversation about the ‘ex,’ which is only hindering them from moving on with their lives. Also, you are tearing down the other person which is not fair. Only the two individuals in the relationship can say how and what caused the breakup.

Still, if he or she keeps on mentioning the ex then they are not ready for a new relationship. If they are flirting with you and still obsessing about the ex then you are definitely the rebound. Make it clear that you are not willing to be with them until they can be completely over their ex. If it is evident that they are absolutely hung up on their ex then give them some more time to sort out their feelings.

Do Not Move Fast In The Relationship

Do not rush into a serious relationship who has just come out of a long relationship. For any relationship to blossom, it is advisable to take time before getting extremely emotionally involved. You may live with the illusion that this relationship will be different, or it will be better than the past relationships. Give it time to process so it does not fizzle out as quickly as it started.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 4, 2020
Sensitive Information!