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What's it Like Being in a Relationship with a Sagittarius?

A Sagittarian in love is a wondrous sight to behold. Those who represent Sagittarius in the zodiac signs are known for their adventurous spirit, never-tied-down attitude, and their optimistic view of life.

A Sagittarius will always approach all problems in life from a new point of view. They do not like to dwell on issues, and always prefer to go right to the heart of a problem, and eliminating it completely, rather than dwelling on it and letting issues fester.

Sagittarius In A Relationship

Sagittarians are especially notorious for having a snail-like pace when it comes to committing themselves to another person. A Sagittarius loves their freedom and finds it easier to become a Bachelor/Bachelorette, which for them is a whole new challenge in itself. To capture the affections of a Sagittarius, you have to be so charming and commanding that you become a new adventure for them; a summit to climb and conquer.


Dating a Sagittarius

dating the most flighty sign of the zodiac is bound to come with a fair share of burdens. Dating a Sagittarius will never be easy, as they will always love their freedom more than you. Even though this sounds scary, in reality, it will take time for the adventure-lover in them to settle down and build a life with you. All that you have to do is wait a while.

A Sagittarius in a relationship will always want to take it easy. They are attractive, positive, and radiating with energy, so they are a people magnet in any room they walk into. And the worst part? Sagittarians are aware of the magnetic effect they have on people, and they use it to space themselves out even more. Why depend on one person forever, when they can have whoever they please?

Sagittarius In Love

The best thing about pursuing a relationship with a Sagittarian is that you never have to be concerned about whether you are their 'type'. A Sagittarius will never have a type. They are intrigued by who a person is, and never by a particular kind of individual. This is also the reason Sagittarius tend to fall in love multiple times- anytime they meet an interesting person, they become addicted to try and unravel the individual underneath. This is why you have to be an absolute marvel to keep a Sagittarius in love with you forever.

How is Sagittarius in a Relationship?

A Sagittarius is honest, and painfully so. They will tell you truths that you rather not hear. They pretend to be cool and relaxed on the outside but love any excuse to dress up for a romantic date night.

Sagittarians are extremely intelligent and knowledgable and love nothing more than to just sit with you and talk about anything and everything. They love having their intellectual abilities tested, and will get easily bored with you if you do not have anything intellectually stimulating to offer them. A Sagittarius loves nothing more than a partner fond of witty retorts and comebacks and can spend hours playfully quibbling with you over mundane issues.

How Do Sagittarius Act in A Relationship

A Sagittarius will always prefer logic over emotions, even though this may get extremely frustrating for romantic partners. They have no tolerance for dramatization and manipulative behaviors. If you try to emotionally manipulate a Sagittarian, they may play along a few times to keep up appearances, but will eventually get tired of you and will leave. They will never back down from an argument- but once the argument is over, they will lay it to rest forever. Stay away from a Sagittarius if you employ dramatic measures to achieve your ends- you will be dumped, and quick.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 14, 2020
Sensitive Information!