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The Secrets to Attracting a Libra Man

The key to attracting a Libra man can be found by exploring his typical Libran characteristics. You must always take his traits and behaviors into consideration when you are looking to attract a Libra man. They can serve as a useful guide to understanding his motivations.

A brief guide to the Libran male

A Libra man is a natural extrovert and aesthete. He finds joy in loving people and has a sensitivity to art and beauty. He is also an independent thinker who desires and seeks balance in his life, though he may seem easy-going in your initial encounters. He is a rational man who leads a principled life – guided by fairness, generosity and good judgement.

Win his attention, not just his curiosity

A Libra man is friendly and flirtatious, which means he is never far away from the crowd. Use this to your advantage and make yourself the centre of attention (but not always), so that he is well-aware of your presence over others. Make a few jokes and start a friendly debate to grab his attention. Leverage this further with subtle hints to show your romantic interest in him.

Owing to his amiable nature, a Libra man is never single for an extended period of time. So, it is imperative that you win him over as quickly as you can before other potential suitors derail your moves.


Give him space

You must not be clingy or get too sentimental with him. Use your charm in subtle ways. Let him talk about himself and listen to him attentively. Ask him what he dreams about. This will also help you discern his like and dislikes.

You can appeal to his independence of mind by letting him lead the conversation. Shower him with sincere compliments and be genuine when you share your feelings about him. Convey your loyalty to him in little ways and he will be swept over by your charm.

Flaunt your feminine side
A feminine woman can attract a Libra man easily because of his bias towards feminine women. Always pay attention to your appearance and appeal to his aesthetic sensibilities. Never be boisterous or aggressive – maintain an elegant frame when you are in his company. Speak freely and when you have a chance, let your intelligence and wit dazzle him. Measured confidence is always attractive.

A Libra man is good to judge of character. He has an intense aversion to liars and cheats. So, one of the most important traits to attract a Libra man is an honest and friendly personality. Avoid excessive vanity and gossip. Be generous and kind to others. Hold his attention with interesting conversations and he will be yours. Above all, be a good friend to him, someone that he can always count on. The rest will follow naturally.


The art of letting him have your way

The Libra man is a peaceful person at heart who will avoid confrontation as much as possible. He is a deep thinker who is turned on by intelligence in women. Never be impatient with him or get into pointless arguments. Encourage him to share his feelings openly with you and don’t jump to conclusions. You have to discover him – and let him discover you – by gently uncovering layer after layer.

If you follow the above steps, you can be assured that he will be thinking about you just as much as you desire. He will count you as a trusted companion and will begin to love you for it. Remember that patience is a virtue. This is true for all good things in life, but even more so when you want to attract a Libra man.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 14, 2020
Sensitive Information!