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The Secrets to Attracting an Aquarius Woman

In order to attract an Aquarius woman, you need to stand out from the crowd and be original. Aquarius women are not easy to figure out they are a paradox in themselves. There is a lot of confusion and inconsistency in her life. This woman can appear to be an exhibitionist and lively or sensitive, shy and gentle. Aquarius women are often characterized as quirky. Eccentric and bohemian. She loves to be spontaneous and is almost always open to trying anything.

How to impress an Aquarius woman?

If you want to get her attention, then start by appreciating her open-mindedness. If you ask her out on a spontaneous date to try something unusual she will have a hard time saying no to that. If you seem to be a loose, chilled, and spontaneous guy then she will pay you more attention. Typically an Aquarius woman is extremely self-assured and does not give too much thought if the society will approve of her lifestyle. Showering her with hefty compliments is not the way to get her to like you. Give her one sincere compliment and leave it at that.

How to Attract an Aquarius Woman
Do not try to be anything other than yourself and be unapologetic about that. Aquarius women are attracted to people who are opinionated and do not give in to peer pressure. Create a situation where you can have uninterrupted conversations and explore a variety of topics. Typically an Aquarius woman is not concerned about your appearance, she will always care more about how your brain works, who you are, and how fluently you can express your desires and opinions.

Aquarius woman has a naturally curious and inquisitive nature. She loves to do things that stimulate all her senses. She wants to see every color of the spectrum, smells all the scents in the world, tastes every known and unknown flavor feels everything with every fiber in her. To put it simply she has a lust for new experiences and is almost high on life. Sometimes keeping up with an Aquarius woman is not easy at all. You can take her to different workshops for candle making or glass blowing. Otherwise, take her to a quirky modern art museum that will tickle her sense. Surprise her with tickets to a pop music concert, or underground rock showdown. A classical music concert might not be her cup of tea.

How to Attract an Aquarius
An Aquarius woman is fiercely independent and loves her freedom, she will not be attracted to you if you try to bind her. Discussing your future family plans, and the mane of your kids is not a great idea when you have been dating her only for a small while. She cannot tolerate, clingy, possessive, and over-caring behavior. She values her space and does not value anyone that tries to limit that. It is a good idea to keep it to yourself that you are pinning all your dreams and hopes on her.

Sometimes it may feel that she is not going in any particular direction and is just randomly jumping from one boat to the other. She is continually exploring and experimenting with new things and making many new friends along the way. Aquarius women are social butterflies, they love spending time around people. It is one of her most favorite pass time to meet new interesting strangers. You have to be prepared to deal with phases of erratic phases, where she is trying to rediscover herself.

She does not react well to jealousy and possessiveness. She likes to have meaningful conversations and be the center of attention. If you give her enough love and space, she will always come back home to you.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 4, 2020
Sensitive Information!