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How to Prove to Your Ex You've Changed?

Relationships can fizzle out in a million different ways, but they're often due to the same frequent problems everyone faces.

As time passes by, it's easier to let toxic incidents in the past warp our memories, but it's important to keep an objective eye and give credit where credit is due.

You might want to get back together with your ex, but you might find that she stonewalls you when you contact her and wants to move away instead. If you find yourself wondering, "How to show my ex-girlfriend I have changed?" then read on, this guide is for you.

Not everything is lost if she seems uncertain. Many relationships are worth saving, and people are allowed to make mistakes. No one ever gets something right on the first try, after all. It's up to you to take action.

If you've got the courage to make a genuine effort into reaching out towards your ex-girlfriend, you might be able to show her how you've changed. Before you reach out, keep a few things in mind:

How to Show My Ex Girlfriend I Have Changed

Immunize Yourself Against Previous Mistakes

How to prove to your ex you've changed without a doubt? With actions.

Understand why your relationship broke down.

The straw that broke the camel's back might only have been a minor incident amidst a massive list of problems.

Get on the same wavelength as your ex and understand if the problem is something you want to address, then create an action plan to break it down.

If your ex found you too clingy and desperate, you'll need to have gained some confidence and life experience before you get back together, or the past will repeat itself.

If your ex found you temperamental and arrogant, you'll need to learn to back off and put your relationship ahead of a quarrel or two.

If your ex wanted your help with household chores, you'll need to be mentally prepared to engage in chores even at times you don't want to.

Showing her you've changed with an upfront commitment and following up with action is your best move in getting her back.

Introduce Her to the New You

When you meet her again, remind her what it's like to be in a positive, healthy relationship with you once again.

Don't remind her of the negative past. Maintain a new, positive frame full of masculinity and positivity.

Be classy and full of life. You're not going to persuade someone back into your life if everything seems the same again. This means being able to get over things you couldn't in the past to show that you've grown.

Be honest in the differences you've made to yourself. Don't talk, show.

The key is to remind her why you two got together in the first place, and show her how you've matured since last time. You're a new man. Not perfect, but an improved version of yourself that can stand with her, or without her. That's confidence.

Don't be disheartened at any disinterest, any woman would have her emotional walls up to protect herself after a breakup. It's important to not seem insecure at this stage.

Ex Girlfriend

Promises with Consequences

To change her mind, you'll need to show you're not in it to simply get her back and revert to the old behavior she broke off from.

Listen to what she's saying and confidently assure consequences for yourself if change doesn't happen within a set time. If you have to lose weight, get a different job, or stop a habit, agree to a deadline.

You should take all the help from the resources at your disposal. Sweep her off her feet by simply creating a commitment and following through. That's the only way to build trust in the long-term. If something is too difficult, break the problem into little chunks and solve the problem one at a time.

Show your ex you're willing to undergo sacrifice just to get her into your life again, and you'll go a long way towards winning her heart back.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 14, 2020
Sensitive Information!