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Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend You Want to Breakup

Breaking up is not easy. It isn't easy for the person being broken up with and it also isn't easy for the person initiating the process. The best thing a person can do while breaking up with their boyfriend is to ensure that they go through with the process in a manner where neither party feels extremely hurt or damaged because of the experience. Very often a bad breakup can lead to bad blood between a couple, and people may even forget every good memory they shared together.

Not every relationship works out but respecting the time spent with the partner and ensuring that they can walk away from the situation without feeling devastated is the least their partner can do.

The Do Not's of Breaking Up

Breaking up is hard, awkward and uncomfortable. Usually, the person doing the breakup has been thinking about it for some time before they act on it. By the time they have made up their minds to move on from the relationship, they may feel the need to simply tell their boyfriend that they have moved on and expect their partner to do the same. This rarely effectively works out in real life.

How to Break Up with Boyfriend

A bad breakup can not only devastate the boyfriend but can also cause toxic situations in the future. It closes off all doors to communication and can result in the boyfriend harboring ill feelings towards the relationship and their partner. It could also affect their capacity to freely enjoy future relationships. A breakup should be dealt with in a way where both parties feelings are acknowledged, and even if the two choose not to communicate in the future, neither party should walk away feeling as if they can never love again.

These are the three things one should not do when breaking up with their boyfriend.

  • Don't break up in public: A breakup is almost always a heartbreaking scenario. The boyfriend has to deal with his relationship coming to an end, and while it may feel like breaking up in a public place can spare the person breaking up from emotional reactions, that is hardly ever true. A public breakup can be emotionally hurtful, humiliating and leave the boyfriend with more emotional hardship than is necessary.
  • Don't break up over text: Unless the relationship has not even progressed to one date, nothing good was ever achieved by breaking up with someone over text. It shows a lack of care or willingness to respect the other person, as well as usually leaves the boyfriend with more questions than answers.
  • Don't ghost the boyfriend: The absolute worst way to break up with someone is to not tell them that they are being broken up with, but instead block them everywhere and ghost them. The boyfriend will be left with various questions he will not have answers to, he may blame himself for the dissolution of the relationship entirely and he may develop a lack of trust that can affect his future relationships.

Every relationship succeeds because of both partners and usually fails for the same reason as well. Blaming the boyfriend for the relationship ending, even if it is true, is not the right way to end the relationship.

Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend You Want to Breakup
The Do's of Breaking Up

The right way to break up with a person is to treat them gently and in a way where their future relationships will not be affected by this breakup. Here are some effective ways to end a relationship:

  • Know your reasons: It is always better to know why a relationship failed instead of wallowing and wondering why it happened. Telling the boyfriend exactly what worked and what didn't work, in a calm and patient manner will not only help both people understand why their relationship failed, but can help future relationships from suffering the same fate as well.
  • Be firm and end it for good: Saying things like 'we can still be friends' or 'we can try later', is actually damaging to the situation. It gives the man hope in the relationship, and if such hope existed then the breakup wouldn't be happening. Once a person decides to end their relationship with their boyfriend, they must do it for good. If the boyfriend feels the need to interact or get in touch with their partner, then it should be their choice and not the choice of the person doing the breakup. Even in such circumstances, it is not ideal to contact or engage with each other until both parties have moved on.
  • Take responsibility: Just like a clip can't be sounded by one hand, a relationship that involves two people does not usually end exclusively because of one person. It is important to take responsibility for breaking up and treat the ex-partner with respect during the process.

Face to face breakups are always the best, and although it can be awkward for the duration of the breakup, it ultimately serves the best interests of both parties in the end.

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