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What to Do With a Very Busy Husband?

For many couples, the beginning of a business frequently foretells the ending of a marriage.

Not only is this scenario a sitcom staple in television, but it is also a common statement among wives of entrepreneurs.

While a mother might give birth to an infant that must one day be ready to take on the rigors of life, a husband might also decide to rear a business of his own — one that needs constant attention, is at odds with all the other businesses in the playground, and needs a fairly demanding schedule round the clock to make sure it stays alive.

If life is merciful, it might even turn a handsome little profit.

My Husband's Business Is Ruining Our Marriage
My husband’s business is ruining our marriage

Like most wives, your marriage might have started out differently, but now you find that you enjoy less quality time with your husband.

If your husband is more committed to his company than he is to you, you might find yourself wondering why you’re suddenly the spare wheel in a relationship between your husband and his business. What can you do?

My husband too busy for me

The fundamental problem is this: Marriage is a team effort, while entrepreneurship is a solo act. They are at odds with one another, and it can take years for a business to stabilize.

Rather than thinking, “My husband’s failing business is ruining our marriage,” you might want to try seeing where in the cog of business you can lend your assistance to.

Some of the most successful business owners have undergone terrible marital strife, with many ending in divorces. If you can find a way you can pitch in or offer assistance, then you can relieve some of the burdens with the promise that, as long as you’re pitching in as well, the work put in should free up some quality time that can go towards your relationship.

Bear in mind, if your husband is the hardheaded type, you might find him attempting, and failing to manage his business and family because of other well-known reasons:

Men are terrible at multi-tasking and aren’t great at handling the emotional struggle or failure that a failing business brings with it.

An act of failing to perform is a devastating blow to any man, and marriage counselors frequently see women issuing their husbands ultimatums: Your business or me?

The solution, however, is to learn to compartmentalize so that business stays business, and adequate time is given for family no matter what.

Even if you do your best to make your spouse forget the troubles of work, the personnel problems, missed payrolls and pressures follow their worker bees home and great mental fortitude is necessary to be able to balance between work and relationships.

My Husband's Failing Business Is Ruining Our Marriage

Communicate honestly with your busy husband about work and your relationship, and take measures to ensure that your relationship has its own dedicated hours that the business isn’t allowed to disturb.

The mark of a true professional is giving due attention to each aspect of their life, after all.

Even though entrepreneurs enjoy flexible timings, the lack of rigidity can hurt here.

Talk with your spouse to establish set timings where he’s off the clock and devoted to family time.

If your husband’s business and home life aren’t distinguished by different buildings and living spaces, then making out a separate space for work and leisure is the first step to inculcate the mentality of being “on work” and being “off work.”

Having to juggle a business and a spouse can seem impossible, but as long as both parties can understand that the business is merely a means to an end, both spouses are open to more objective decision making when it comes time to split their attention.

While difficult, it can certainly be possible for a marriage to survive a business, but it takes the understanding patience of both partners, not just one, to be able to successfully pull it off.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 18, 2020
Sensitive Information!