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Physical Love and Physical Attraction - Is There A Difference?

The human race thrives on the physical, and the emotional connect. Let us demystify the difference between physical love and physical attraction, as we ponder over whether the two are interconnected, or not.

Getting Laid or Having a Long Term Connection?

You cannot state for sure whether lust transcends to full-blown love all the time, though it is known to happen. Men and women fall in lust at the beginning, even if they have another point of view. Since we as a species thrive on the physical element, it is natural to look at another person appealing, size her/him up and make a play for a bang if possible. This is definitely a physical attraction.

Tenderness and Love

The other side of the coin – physical love is when you look at someone and feel the actual physical signs of love. The emotions are heady, you cannot do without that person. A look from her or him, a touch, a smile, and your heart melts. You can put it down to love in all its vicissitudes. The template is simple – the person makes you melt, not with a yearning to the couple, but just to be around. When sex happens, it is not vigorous, it is pure and tender.

Physical Love

That Feeling You Call Love

Let us look at the physical symptoms of love at first sight. There are debates on whether it is possible to fall in love at first sight. Butterflies in your stomach when you look at the person or even think of her or him, and a feeling of something totally unclear, something you have never experienced in the past. The person who you have feelings for, makes you giggle uncontrollably, dress better, eat less, watch cute movies, the list goes on without any meltdown.

No Dominant Submissive Story Here

Physical attachment love is also love. The psychological part of science lets on that people are dependent on each other and love one another form an attachment or a bond. This format of love makes you want to yell out loud that you are truly, madly, deeply head over heels. The person you love holds the keys to your heart, and you will do all that you can to be around her/him. The flip side - if the person you are physically attached to is dominating, you end up losing control of yourself.

The Glow of Love

When you cannot help yourself but smile or giggle all the time for no apparent reason. You have an air about you, your skin glows, your aura displays physical signs of love. When you are out shopping, you want to buy something for your sweetheart. Once you give your heart to someone, it shows. Your behavior changes, you are willing to go through loops for her or him. And yes, you dress better!

 Physical Signs of Love
What’s the Fuss with Physical Attraction?

Now, for the big question - is physical attraction love or not? One cannot disentangle the two, physical attraction does factor in when you fall in love with someone. Physical attraction is another word for lust, to an extent, unless the person you are attracted to, adds more to you than the urge to get frisky. To put it in perspective, physical love is about love being the basis of wanting to go the whole hog. Physical attraction has two formats – a quickie, or a hookup, it may lead to love, though neither may be looking.

Everyone wants love at some point in time and when you are not ready, bang you fall in love! When you are defensive about the person you have fallen for, with your friends or family, this could be something more than a mere hookup.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on February 25, 2020
Sensitive Information!