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Marriage Therapy - What's It All About?

Are you quarreling constantly with your partner? Are you frustrated in your married life? Can you never agree on anything with your partner? Then it is time for marriage therapy.

Why Do You Need Marriage Therapy?

Sometimes couples can get stuck in a very frustrating situation where they cannot be on the same page about almost anything. They are constantly fighting with each other. This brings a lot of resentment and negative energy in the family and household. If this continues most couples generally file for a divorce or go on separate paths. A frustrating marriage is also one of the leading causes of one partner cheating on the other.

What Is Marriage Therapy?

Marriage therapy is a form of psychological therapy where a certified therapist helps two married people resolve their issues in a clinical and therapeutic environment. Conventionally a marriage therapist or Family Therapist have some experience in this field and are licensed to do so. The therapist helps two individuals in the marriage who are romantically involved to gain insights into their relationship and about each other.

Everything You Need to Know about Marriage Therapy
This therapeutic intervention in the marriage works as a professional and dependable third-person perspective into your relationship. The exact way a marriage or family therapist conducts his or her session may vary according to the therapist’s individual orientation. Conventionally these are some of the characteristic elements of a marriage therapy:

  • Focus on particular problems. For some couples it may be sexual difficulties, for others, it can be about jealousy or internet addiction. The therapist focuses the narrative and conducts the session focusing on these problems.
  • The main aim of the therapist is to treat and heal the actual relationship between the couple rather than focusing on individual problems of the people involved.
  • The therapist’ intervention into marriage is always solution-focused and extremely change-oriented. The therapist tries to control the path of the narrative between the couple to find the quickest and the easiest solution.
  • Once the basic analysis of the couple and the marriage relationship is done the therapist defines a clear treatment objective or goals for the couple to reach.
Marriage Therapy

What to Expect in a Marriage Therapy?

Conventionally therapy begins with standard interview questions, regarding the two people in the relationship, the history of the couple, along with some insight into each partner’ family history or origin story, background and morality, values, and culture. Once the therapist gets the basic details about the individuals that he or she is dealing with, only then will the therapist address the problems of the couple.

In some cases, the therapist has to first focus on particular crisis intervention. This happens when there is a trigger point between the couple that they cannot resolve on their own. This adds to the resentment and anger between each other and the therapist tries to resolve that issue at first.

Once all of that is done the therapist will try to make the couple identify their specific issues and set treatment goals to eradicate those problems from the marriage. The therapist will help the partners gain insights on the marriage dynamics that are causing the problem. This assists the partners to perceive their partner and the relationship in a different light.

Gaining insight and fresh perspective to empathize with each other is crucial After that comes the actual act of resolving the problems and changing the behavior or the root cause of the problem The therapist always asks what can be done about the problem so that it is not repeated by the partners again. Couples gain insights, rational patterns, higher emotional expression, and developed communication skills.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on February 19, 2020
Sensitive Information!