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Not Emotionally Attracted to Husband - How to Deal with It?

Women are known to be emotional beings. We tend to develop emotional connections with nearly every person we interact with. When it comes to a relationship, women are most likely the first to become emotionally involved. But what happens when this emotional connection dwindles after marriage? Do you find yourself wondering why you are not emotionally attracted to your husband?

Signs of becoming Emotionally Distant from your Husband

After years of marriage, it is normal for things to become a little dull. But a lack of emotional intimacy can have a serious impact on your relationship. If you believe that you are no longer emotionally attracted to your husband, you should take measures to change that. Here are some signs to determine if you are emotionally growing apart from your husband.

Not Emotionally Attracted to Husband

  • A lack of emotional attraction is obvious if you no longer go to your husband for support or advice. This may stem from being neglected, disregarded, or disrespected in the past. If you are not feeling emotionally secure with your husband, you would not feel very enthusiastic about seeking his opinion.
  • Another big sign of emotional distance is if you no longer regularly share details of everyday thing like your work, kids, friends, or even how your day went. Being neglected previously often pushes women away from sharing details about their day-to-day lives. A lack of emotional attraction means that you no longer feel the need to share with your spouse, leading to a large crack in the foundation of your marriage.
  • Feeling emotionally distant from your husband can be painful, which is why you seek ways to cause him pain. Women who feel emotionally detached are often frustrated and therefore purposefully critical toward their spouses.
  • Another big sign of emotional detachment is the lack of physical intimacy. Most women are not very keen on having sex with a man with whom they have no emotional attachment.

What can you do to Overcome Emotional Detachment from your Husband?

If you believe that you are drifting apart from your husband on an emotional level, you should try these following tips:

Lack of Emotional Attraction

  • Gently communicate with your husband about how you feel and ask for constructive suggestions on how to repair your bond. Patiently listen to the things he says and accept that this news could make him upset. Be careful with what you say and do not be critical of him.
  • A great way to bring the spark back in your marriage is going out on fun date nights. Scheduling regular dates will help you overcome your emotional detachment and feel more connected with your husband. This is important even if you have children because most couples develop different priorities over time. Take part in some fun activities together like learning a new language or painting classes.
  • Spend some time together every day, if possible. Use this time to tell each other about how your day was and what you are looking forward to later. This helps you keep one another updated about the happenings in your individual lives.
  • Have as much sex as you can. This may be difficult in the beginning, but nothing brings two people closer together like sex. It causes your body to release a “feel-good” hormone known as oxytocin which helps you develop a stronger bond and a more trusting relationship.
  • Most importantly, do not be tempted to blame your husband for your emotional detachment. This only makes him become defensive without yielding good results. Regardless of who is at fault, it is important that both of you equally participate in fixing this issue.

If you catch yourself thinking thoughts like “I am not emotionally attracted to my husband anymore,” pay attention because this is your mind and heart telling you how things are. Focus on overcoming the lack of emotional attraction so you can go back to enjoying a blissful marriage with your husband.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 22, 2020
Sensitive Information!