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25 Relationship Red Flags: Dating Red Flags You Need to Notice

Meeting new people who can potentially become our romantic partners seems to be easier than ever these days. Thanks to dating apps and online dating sites, you can meet different people and decide who to date whenever you want to. However, this ease comes at a price.

The same internet that makes it easy to meet dates is the place where people can lie and cheat more easily than ever. It seems that a lot of people are comfortable telling lies about themselves to get someone to date them. Aside from that, some people are entirely wrong for you, but the romance in the air can prevent you from seeing that. If you are dating new people or starting a new relationship, you have to look out for yourself at all times. Knowing these red flags in a relationship can save you a lot of grief an protect you from a potentially destructive relationship.

Are here the 25 Relationship Red Flags You want to Take Note of:

1. They constantly tell you are perfect
Being perceived as perfect may seem appealing at first, but it can be risky. If someone sees you as perfect and tells you so, they do not see the real you, but an image they project on you. When that image shatters, so will the relationship, so look out for people with 'perfect goggles.'

2. Switching topics when you talk about the past
Not everyone wants to lay everything out there at the beginning of a relationship, but avoiding conversations about the past is a major red flag. If the person you are dating refuses to talk about their past, they may have something to hide.

3. Keeping conversations on the surface level
If the person you are dating doesn’t want to talk about anything else other than fundamental things, they may also have a less than serious attitude about you.

 4. They think all their exes are crazy
If your date seems to believe that all their past partners were crazy, there is a great chance the problem is with them and not the exes.

5. They have major parental issues
Not getting along with the parents is a sad fact for a lot of people, but there are those who take it to a whole other level. If your date talks trash about his/her parents and claims to hate them, there might be something off with their parents and their attitude towards people in general.

6. They curse during fights
If your partner calls you names during fights, that's a red flag for lack of impulse control that can escalate in the future.

Relationship Red Flags
7. Avoiding conversations that involve feelings
Talking on and on about feelings is exhausting, but you need to vent every once in a while. If someone you are dating keeps their feelings bottled up, they can erupt one day. It can also be a sign of avoiding conflict instead of resolving problems, and that's never good.

8. Not asking you about your past
This red flag could mean that the other person isn't all that into you, so if you have serious intentions, you might want to avoid people like that.

9. Their moods changes often
One minute they're furious, and the next minute they're apologetic and sweet. Mood swings can spell trouble down the line, and they're a major red flag.

10. They avoid sharing social media info
When someone doesn't want to share their social media info, they could be lying about themselves and don’t want you to find out about it.

11. They don't introduce you to others
If someone wants to have you in their lives, they will introduce you to family and friends. If they don't, they are either not serious about you, or they are trying to hide something. Either way, it's a relationship red flag.

12. They answer texts and calls after a long time
People who play relationship games should be left alone to play with themselves. If someone takes forever to answer you, they might be players, or they are hiding something that prevents them from answering you, like another relationship.

13. They make you feel guilty about small stuff
Someone who guilt trips you on a daily basis is potentially a very manipulative person that doesn’t take responsibility for their decisions, and you don't need that in your life.

14. They bad mouth people you care about
People who bad mouth those you care about are potentially abusive, and you should keep out for them. Trying to drive a wedge between you and your family and friends might be an attempt to drive you apart and keep you all to themselves.

15. They have a very different sex drive from you
A lack of sexual compatibility causes plenty of problems in relationships, and you should be on the lookout who have a much lower or much higher libido than yours.

Relationships Red Flags
16. You feel stupid around them
Someone who makes you feel stupid will make you feel little for most of your relationship, so be aware of this red flag.

17. They have low self-esteem
Constantly having to prop up someone is emotionally draining, and this red flag could mean some self-esteem issues that you cannot solve for the other person.

18. They're controlled by their ego
Someone who is controlled by ego and isn’t afraid to show it will give you a hard time; they will argue about little things, refuse to apologize when they are wrong and even refuse to take your apologies.
19. Ultimatums are their weapon of choice
"Do as I want or I walk out" – some people love to threaten others with this, and they do not make good partners, to say the least.

20. Never assuming responsibility
It takes two to fight, and it's impossible for one person to be solely responsible for every wrong thing in a relationship. If your partner makes you feel like everything that goes wrong is your fault, there might be a serious problem with the relationship.

21. They have double standards
They like going out all the time without you, but expect you to stay at home, or never go anywhere without them. That's a big no-no.

22. They always want attention
Who has the time or energy to constantly lavish someone with attention? You probably don't either, so notice this red flag when you meet someone.

Dating Red Flags
23. Poking fun at you in public
Little jokes in a relationship are fine, but if someone makes fun of you in public or embarrasses you, it's likely they lack respect for you.

24. Constantly hounding you
Possessive people hound their partners with constant calls, text, and unexpected popups. You should be careful of this kind of obsessive people that view themselves as the only important thing in your life.

25. Extreme jealousy
Extremely jealous people can become violent, isolating and emotionally abusive over time, and you should avoid those who display this kind of behavior.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 20, 2019
Sensitive Information!