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What are the Relationship Ups and Downs That Every Couple Goes Through?

Though most of us would like to live life through rose-tinted lenses, we have to face reality. Love is many splendor things that are a fact, but relationships do not remain stagnant, in fact, all relationships have ups and downs. Here are some of them.

Those Glory Days

The honeymoon does not last forever. The early days of the courtship were all sugar and spice, but after a while, both of you will have to face ground reality, deal with work pressure, finances, babies, nappies, and waking up with bad breath! That does not mean that all is not well in the relationship, no way, you are at the peak of it all. This is when you chalk out your financial plan, schedules to work around, share changing diapers, take the kids to school, and the rest of it all.

Change Is Constant

Accept that the person who you married will change over time as have you. Expecting her/him to be the same, is not realistic. People do put on weight, lose weight, get more home-bound, gossip more, and the list goes on, whether you like it or not. The point is not to get shrill with the changes, be kind. When you experience that emotion of wanting to ridicule your spouse, look in the mirror - you too have changed! Limit the negativity.

Relationship Ups and Downs That Every Couple Goes Through

The Laws of Attraction

Every relationship has its ups and downs. After years together, you may not be attracted to your spouse as you were earlier. It does not have to mean that you have fallen out of love or looking for love elsewhere. The issue is that sex is not on the brain as often as it was in the past. From your partner’s point of view, it may appear that you have lost interest. Reassurance says a lot with a hug or a kiss.

Cut the Nasty Drivel

Over time the tendency to get critical with your partner becomes the norm. You may get away with it because s/he does not retaliate, but it is not a good idea. From a relationship point of view, instead of being nasty, communicate. Have a discussion do not play Hitler. The objective as the relationship faces the hurdles of everyday life is to meet each other halfway.

Relationship Ups and Downs


When you feel the strain and pressure of not being able to understand or measure up to your spouse, do not give up, keep trying. This is the same person who you married, even if it seems that s/he has slowly slipped away. Inject some sunshine and laughter. Don’t walk away in a sulk. Be prudent, change your tone. All relationships differ, add some fun to yours!

Sex It Up

If you are in the mood for you know what, but s/he is not, how about you add something to spice it up, do not forget sex completely. Try not to pressurize the spouse but do something different. Sex is a great way to be intimate. It gets the adrenaline pumping even if something is bothering the two of you, just doing it makes a huge difference. Add some romantic music, or better still something sexy.

In Sum

Relationship Ups and Downs - It is not easy being in a relationship, but if you are in it for the long haul, work at the chinks. Being attracted to another person is not a sin, but when you act on it, you are asking for trouble. Since every relationship has its ups and downs, working at it is the best remedy. Every couple goes through them – the ups and the downs with more downs than ups and then you triumph.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on February 27, 2020
Sensitive Information!